Sober Fun Ideas

By August 27, 2018Relapse Prevention
sober fun ideas

People recovering from addiction often worry about going back to their daily grind. After spending quite some time in a rehab facility, going back to their reality can be daunting. Many people in recovery can be lost when it comes to having fun. When a person is still actively using, everything seemed amusing only because of what they were taking drugs or drinking. To someone in active addiction – being high or drunk was their only source of fun. Finding sober fun ideas is not hard, there are many joys to have and can be the best treatment for your addiction. Sober fun is true fun, and the friends you make while doing these activities can be friendships that last a lifetime.

Here are some sober fun ideas you can try:

1. Pamper yourself

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending a day at home doing mani and pedi. Amp it up with hair treatments and face masks. While doing these, sip an amazing herbal tea. You can even invite your friends to come over. If you have the budget, you can do these things in a spa. Contrary to popular belief, this is not only women. Men can also enjoy these activities and their benefits.

2. Get moving

Go out of your home and do some activities that can give you a good sweat. Go for a swim, bike around the city, run, practice yoga, do rounds of boxing, do anything physical that will allow you to stretch those muscles. The emotional benefits of physical activity have been proven to help people fight boredom, depression and much more.

3. Go on a road trip

There are so many places in your area that are waiting to be explored. Get in your car and make that road trip. Look for a place you’ve never been to or go back to an area that you fancy. While at it, roll down the window so you can smell the fresh air and play some music to complete the experience. Don’t take your eyes off the road though. Focus on driving and the beautiful scenery you’re passing by.

4. Throw a party

Being sober is something worth celebrating. Invite family and friends to come over for meals and desserts. Cook healthy and nutritious food. Shy away from alcoholic beverages by swapping them with fresh fruit juices. Play some music to add to the vibe.

5. Start a journal

There’s nothing more liberating than pouring out your thoughts and feelings. Write all these in a journal and see how much lighter and free you’ll feel after. This should be a good therapy for you.

6. Visit the beach

Bask under the heat of the sun and on the sand. Being at the beach has a lot of physical and mental benefits as it promotes proper brain function, enhances happiness, and boosts overall wellness. The sea water has minerals that can help the body fight against infection. Breathing the sea air is also beneficial to one’s respiratory system.

7. Do some gardening

It doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb or not. It’s more important for you to connect with the soil as this is a fun and relaxing activity. It calms the mind, enhances your creativity, and boosts the aesthetics of your house or apartment. In fact agriculture therapy is even taught as an holistic therapy

8. Read books

Spending some quiet time with a good book in your hands is fun. You can visit your local bookstore and find a variety of titles that tickles your interest. Choose books coming from different genres so you’ll have a diverse pot of knowledge and experience.

9. Luxurious baths

No, this is not exclusively for women. Even men should enjoy having luxurious bubble baths. It’s nice and relaxing especially when paired with great music. Amp the experience by lighting a few scented candles. Add Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender to warm water for a calming experience. A bath can be one of the best ways to calm anxiety as well.

10. Spend time with your loved ones

Addiction can destroy relationships. It’s only fitting to rekindle what you have with the people you love. Simply conversing with the people who matter to you is fun, calming, and liberating.

11. Do some closet organization then donate

Decluttering your closet will make you see what you need and what you no longer have a use for. This may sound like hard work, but your muscles could use some stretching. You’ll also be surprised at how much wonderful memories you’ll uncover. Set aside the stuff you won’t need anymore. Donate them to charity so you can spread some love and good vibe.

12. Go for a walk

Walking is the most common form of exercise. It’s good for your heart, blood pressure, and respiration. Aside from helping you keep a healthy weight, it also improves your balance, coordination, and mood. You can do this at the place of your choice – the mall, park, your neighborhood or at the beach.

13. Host karaoke night

There’s nothing like belting your lungs out during karaoke. It’s not just about getting satisfaction from singing your favorite songs as it also has many health benefits. It promotes oxygenation in the bloodstream, exercises major upper body muscle groups, and releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Just make sure to stay from any alcoholic drinks or addictive substances.

14. Plan a vacation and make it happen

There’s something about planning a vacation that makes it so much fun. The anticipation of taking a break provides more satisfaction than looking forward to procuring tangible things. The vacation itself allows you to enjoy the things you don’t usually do at home. You can visit another city, state or country and enjoy the experience.

15. Give coloring books a try

Yes, they’re not just for kids. There are many adult coloring books on the market that you can choose from. It comes in different themes, sizes, and shapes. Doing this activity helps with the stress and anxiety as its wonderful for unwinding and relaxing. All the negative thoughts are pushed aside while you relish in positivity. Putting the focus on coloring helps you achieve mindfulness.

16. Do some redecorating

Unleashing your creative juices through redecorating your home or even just your bedroom is another fun and meaningful activity. You can give the space a fresh coat of paint, place new rugs or mix and match those throw pillows.

17. Learn a new recipe

Health and nutrition are a big part of your recovery. It’s only fitting to learn new dishes that you can add to your arsenal of yummy foods. You can join a cooking class which is an avenue to meet new people and gain new friends. You can also buy a new cookbook or go online to get that recipe.

18. Make DIY crafts

There’s so much you can do with a few art materials. All you need to add is your hands and creativity. From personal things to house displays, there’s nothing you can’t DIY. You’ll be surprised at how relaxing and fun this activity is. DIY projects can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and build self-esteem.

19. Host game night

You and your friends can have fun even without taking alcohol or drugs. You can just play trivia games or board games like snakes and ladders. Bring in sliced fruits and veggies along with some dipping and you’re good to go.

20. Do volunteer work

There are so many causes waiting for your time. Pick one (homeless shelters, animal rescue, and the like) that is closest to your heart and look for time to do some volunteer work. This is a good use of your energy.

21. Camping and explore the outdoors

Getting in touch with nature is truly fun, this is the best for last~! Go on a camping trip, kayak or even hike. Being in the great outdoors and feeling the fresh air can make the biggest problems go away. It will also help you realize how big and magnificent this planet truly is.

Learning how to have fun while sober is not hard. There are many hobbies you can learn and new passions to develop. Sober fun is true fun, and the friends you make while doing these sober fun ideas can result in life long friendships.