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Monarch Shores is a licensed and certified luxury rehab center in California, located right off the Pacific Coastal Highway in Orange County, California. We specialize in providing individualized treatment programs for every unique patient who comes through our doors. Our physician-led multidisciplinary treatment team provides an integrated, holistic approach to treatment that creates long-term effective sobriety. These addiction treatment services include personalized therapy that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12-step addiction treatment, non-12-step treatment, dual diagnosis, SMART Recovery, and holistic modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, fitness training, recreational outings and much more. At Monarch Shores, your safety and recovery are the top priority.

Our world-class therapists practice over 20 different forms of therapy techniques to meet your individual needs. As a premier luxury drug rehab and alcohol treatment center, we use an approach that incorporates a comfortable, high-end, environment, so you can focus on your personal goals and therapeutic challenges in a relaxed setting. We offer a compassionate team of knowledgeable professionals who treat every client with the utmost dignity and respect. Call today and see why so many others have chosen Monarch Shores as their option for drug rehab in California.


Highly Trained Multidisciplinary Team

Our team includes doctors, physician assistants, therapists, counselors, case managers, nurses, and support staff.

The staff here at Monarch Shores in Orange County, California has extensive experience and expert knowledge in being able to help patients with drug abuse of all kinds and alcohol addictions and various mental disorders, which often go hand-in-hand.

When you arrive at Monarch Shores, you will undergo an in-depth assessment by a therapist and a doctor. Together, they will create an individualized treatment plan so that you get the most out of your stay at our California rehab facility and after you leave.

Strict Standards

To be among the best rehab centers in California, our mission is to provide you with a safe and confidential environment where you will begin your journey to a new life.

Privacy is very important at our luxury rehab center and we adhere to the strictest standards of privacy and anonymity in compliance with HIPAA ACT and Title 42 code of regulations.

Insurance Friendly

You do not have to live in California to attend rehab in California, our insurance experts will do everything possible to work with your insurance company in a timely manner. Monarch Shores will take care of billing your insurance, and work hard to maximize your benefits so that you can focus on your recovery.
At Monarch Shores, we want you to focus on the most important goals while going through treatment for substance abuse, which is learning about your addiction and how to recover.
Our experienced staff of alcohol and drug addiction specialists assist you with any questions that you may have and determine your insurance coverage benefits for you. They will explain the out of pocket expenses (if any), deductibles, and eligibility for the varying levels of care, and any other questions that you may have.
Some of the insurance providers we work with include:
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Assurant
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • ConnectiCare
  • Directors Guild
  • Group Health Options
  • Health Net
  • Humana
  • Magellan
  • Medica
  • Molina
  • Optum
  • Operations Engineering Trust Union
  • PacifiCare
  • PacificSource
  • Prairie Estates
  • Priority Health Care
  • Samba
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • United Teacher Associates Insurance

We are continuously adding new insurance plans. Call us if your health insurance plan is not on this list.

Addiction Treatment

Our clients come from all walks of life with unique experiences and different circumstances. Our integrated treatment model allows us to create a customized rehabilitation treatment plan for every patient in order to increase their chance of success after they leave Monarch Shores.

Some of the methods we utilize to create a customized treatment plan include:

To find out if Monarch Shores is the best drug rehab center in California for you or your loved one, give us a call today at 949-371-4198. There is no cost and no obligation.



Your safety and comfort are important to us as you embark on a new journey to sobriety. While staying at our Southern California alcohol rehab center, we will tend to your physical and emotional needs.

To make your stay at Monarch Shores even more comfortable, we will not only provide you with appropriate medication but also with holistic addiction treatment programs such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation and beach excursions.

We also provide a flexible program schedule. Nights and weekends allow time for clients to attend to their personal business.


We offer a very private and peaceful experience at our luxury rehab center in Orange County, California. We are located in a serene setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The average temperature is 73 degrees, and the residence accommodates a maximum of six clients at any given time.

You will have privacy and peace as well as the maximum attention of our staff who will focus on your recovery.

Monarch Shores is the ideal location for those who prefer a luxury rehab center in California.

Cell Phone & Laptop Friendly

Many of our patients are successful and busy professionals who require access to the outside world while in treatment. You can come to rehab in California and still maintain your business no matter where you are coming from!

We provide access to a computer, fax machine, and a scanner and allow our patients to keep their cell phones for business communication. We do recommend that you bring your own laptop due to the limited availability of the computer. This usually goes against the rules for most rehabs, but at Monarch Shores in Orange County, CA, we will go against the grain if it makes sense for our patients.

Flexible Length of Stay

Are you looking to have a lengthy stay at Monarch Shores? Or, maybe you’re only looking to receive treatment for your addiction for a few days. Here at Monarch Shores, that decision can be up to you. We make a point to allow our clients to sign up and stay at our rehab facilities in Orange County, California for as long as they need. So whether you’re here for 30 days or 3 days, we will do our best to help you overcome your addiction in the appropriate amount of time. We even offer Intensive Outpatient Programs where you can live in a Sober Living home while slowly integrating yourself back into society while staying sober.


Aaron P.

Monarch Shores is a hidden gem right on the Pacific Coastal Highway in Orange County, California. The first time you walk into the house, it takes your breath away. And that’s even after you’ve been prepared by the beautiful photos on the website…Read More

Diana L.

To all my friends (the staff at Monarch Shores):

I could have gone to any place to detox (which is all that I thought I needed), but thank God that He brought me to Monarch Shores. It has been a truly life-changing experience! At the age of 42 I have a new lease on life. Monarch Shores is different than any other rehab I have ever heard of. Everyone there is so compassionate, knowledgeable, and truly cares about everyone that walks through their doors…Read More

Fay K.

All of the client advisors, I have great appreciation for: Anthony, Travis, Rachel, Sam, Christine, Catelyn, John, Sheldon, Michelle, Victoria, Jennifer, and Tom. Each one of these individuals have their own stories and have been open to share, which made me feel like they were one of us. We all related very well. I felt very accepted here because of their assistance…Read More

Mark B.

I sent my friend’s sister to Monarch Shores and she had an amazing experience here. She was there for 30 days and loved her therapist and her accommodations. She said they were not pushy and really helped her walk through her addiction issues…Read More

What Monarch Shores Offers

One of the many benefits of choosing Monarch Shores as your rehab center in Orange County California is our ability to offer a comfortable and luxurious environment while you’re in treatment. We know that the idea of going to a rehab can come with a number of negative expectations and emotions, but at our luxury rehab facility you’ll be able to experience a wide range of amenities like ocean views, comfortable rooms, professional kitchen staff, multiple treatment programs, access to cell phones and laptops, and so much more. Our luxury amenities and a peaceful location can provide a sense of peace during this stressful time.
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Luxury Rehabs

It is not hard to find a rehab in California, but there are few places like Monarch Shores that can offer a wide range of treatment options and a luxurious setting, and at the same time offer quality care. Our individualized treatment plans feature holistic approaches, SMART Recovery, 12 step treatment, faith-based treatment, dual diagnosis care, and much more. Our staff is experienced in all treatment types, our personalized treatment plans and expert team can effectively lead you to the path of long-term sobriety.

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It can be hard to admit that you’re addicted to alcohol. Fortunately, our rehab center is more than capable of working with people, no matter the addiction history. Your safety is our biggest concern, we will monitor you around the clock through our supervised detox program until the alcohol withdrawal symptoms subside. After detox, you will begin your addiction treatment program that can contain 12 or non-12-step treatment, depending on your preference.

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Sometimes, treating substance abuse can be more complex because of a mental disorder, which is why a rehab center in California that offers dual diagnosis treatment is so important. Here at Monarch Shores, we understand how difficult it can be to go through treatment for drug or alcohol abuse while battling a mental illness. With our well-staffed medical team and experienced therapists, you or your loved one can effectively overcome both mental illness and substance abuse and enjoy a life of sobriety.

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For members of the LGBT community going to rehab can involve even more worry than heterosexual patients. However, we at Monarch Shores in Orange County, California we make it a point to accept patients regardless of their sexual orientation and provide a comfortable treatment environment where our patients can be themselves and talk about their personal issues in a judgment-free zone. We are proud to say that we accept the LGBT community and even have treatment plans geared to the unique issues of LGBT members suffering from addiction.

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