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Monarch Shores is a licensed and certified luxury rehab center in California. Located right on the Pacific Coastal Highway in Orange County, our centers provide an atmosphere and scenery that’s second to none. Our diverse team allows us to personalize each client’s addiction treatment plan so their unique needs and preferences are being met.

Our physician-led treatment team provides an integrated, holistic approach to addiction treatment which gives our clients the tools needed for long-term sobriety. These addiction treatment services include personalized therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dual diagnosis treatment, 12-step programs and non-12-step treatments like SMART Recovery. Our programs also incorporate holistic therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, art therapy, recreational outings and so much more. At Monarch Shores, your safety and long-term recovery are the top priority.

Our world-class therapists practice over 20 different forms of therapy techniques to meet your individual needs. As a premier luxury drug rehab we offer many high-end amenities to help you relax and give you comfort during this difficult time. We offer a compassionate team of knowledgeable professionals who treat every client with the utmost dignity and respect. Call today and see why so many others have chosen Monarch Shores as their drug rehab in California.

Monarch Shores Offers

Luxury Rehabs

One of the many benefits of choosing Monarch Shores as your Orange County drug rehab center  is our ability to offer a comfortable and luxurious environment while you’re in treatment. We know that the idea of going to a rehab can come with a number of negative expectations and emotions, but at our luxury rehab facility you’ll be able to experience a wide range of amenities like ocean views, comfortable rooms, professional kitchen staff, multiple treatment programs, access to cell phones and laptops, and so much more. Our luxury amenities and a peaceful location can provide a sense of peace during this stressful time.

One of the benefits of choosing Monarch Shores as your rehab center is our holistic approach. Our staff is equipped with holistic therapists who can show you new and positive ways to channel your energy and get through difficult times. Yoga, meditation, art therapy, acupuncture and much more are all available to you at Monarch Shores. These holistic therapies provide comfort and peace during your rehab visit, but most importantly, serve as great recovery tools for you to utilize once you leave treatment and enter back into society.

Sometimes, treating substance abuse can be more complex because of a mental disorder, which is why a rehab center in California that offers dual diagnosis treatment is so important. Here at Monarch Shores, we understand how difficult it can be to go through treatment for drug or alcohol abuse while battling a mental illness. With our well-staffed medical team and experienced therapists, you or your loved one can effectively overcome both mental illness and substance abuse and enjoy a life of sobriety.

group-therapyIt is not hard to find a rehab in California, but there are few places like Monarch Shores that can offer a wide range of treatment options and a luxurious setting, and at the same time offer quality care. Our individualized treatment plans feature holistic approaches, SMART Recovery, 12 step treatment, faith-based treatment, dual diagnosis care, and much more. Our staff is experienced in all treatment types, our personalized treatment plans and expert team can effectively lead you to the path of long-term sobriety.

About Monarch

Located on the Pacific Coastal Highway, Monarch Shores’ homes are designed for comfort. Some features and amenities Include:

  • Luxury Furnishings
  • Breathtaking Ocean Views
  • Fitness Center
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Friendly
  • Experiential Learning Activities

Our large clinical teams’s cumulative background and education amounts to over 100 years of experience in substance abuse and addiction. Our Staff Includes:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Physician Assistant and Nurses
  • Licensed Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Support Staff
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