Rehab That Allows Cell Phones and Laptops

At Monarch Shores, we understand the needs of the business professional, the family member, the parent and the student, while in rehab. This is why we are proud to say we are a rehab that allows cell phones and laptops at our centers. In today’s age, most people can not imagine being without their phone or internet for 1 day let alone 30 or more, we at Monarch Shores understand the needs of modern society and have adjusted to meet your standards.

A rehab that allows cell phones can help you connect with social media groups and other online communities dedicated to addiction recovery before even leaving treatment. Although we are a cell phone friendly rehab, we still believe clients receive the best treatment when their technology is used on a limited basis.

The Benefits of Being a Mobile Friendly Rehab Center

There are a number of treatment centers in California who choose to limit outside communication for their clients for at least 30 days while they are working towards sobriety. However, we at Monarch Shores believe that having the ability to stay connected with friends, family, and work are perfect ways to help you make it through the recovery process, and eventually have an easier time reconnecting with society.
You also have the ability to enjoy our flexible schedule at night and on the weekends so that you may tend to your personal needs. We want you to have a striving and successful situation to return to. There are many benefits to attend a rehab that allows cell phones and laptop access.
  • Stay in Contact with Your Work
  • Stay in Contact with Friends or Family
  • Ability to Complete School Assignments
  • Entertainment During Down Time
  • Address Triggers Should an Old Friend who Uses Contacts You

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Can You Have a Cell Phone in Rehab

Yes. There are no laws restricting us from being a cell phone friendly rehab. You can also bring your laptop to continue working on any important projects or documents. Although some rehab facilities find cell phone access to be distracting during treatment, we at Monarch Shores disagree. You can use your phones during down time and still spend the day receiving much needed addiction treatment and therapy.For privacy reasons we do not allow people to be on their phones during group sessions.

Other Benefits of Monarch Shores

Monarch Shores, located in beautiful Orange County provides a luxury and scenic experience that is hard to match. Aside from being a rehab that allows cell phones, there are many benefits of choosing Monarch Shores as your addiction treatment facility.

  • Oceanfront views that create a relaxing environment
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Low patient to therapist ratio allows for plenty of 1 on 1 time
  • Luxury amenities and comfort
  • Beach bonfire meetings
We make a point to offer a peaceful, low traffic environment so that you can have privacy and quiet time to take care of your personal needs. So how can you book your stay today? It’s simple, just call us today and one of our counselors will help you get placed with us. We will quickly verify your insurance benefits and work hard to assure you are getting into our center at the least out of pocket expense.

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