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Monarch Shores Success Stories

To all my friends (the staff at Monarch Shores):

I could have gone to any place to detox (which is all that I thought I needed), but thank God that he brought me to Monarch Shores. It has been a truly life changing experience! At the age of 42 I have a new lease on life. Monarch Shores is different than any other rehab I have ever heard of. Everyone there is so compassionate, knowledgeable and truly cares about everyone that walks through their doors.

The groups are small so you get personnel attention, and they don’t just go through the motions. I have learned BIG things that I can implement in my everyday life. They have helped me bring me back to the place of true happiness and hope. All the modules that they utilize (group, individual sessions, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and acupuncture) contribute to the recovery process!

Of course, the luxury accommodations and meals were wonderful. The views from the houses and the sunny California weather were unbelievable. The client advisers are always there to walk you through all the ups and downs. They truly believe in you and your recovery journey. I have gained so much introspect and tools that I know I can make it! Shout out to my therapist and case manager Will and Netta! I will always feel your presence in my soul.

Addendum: Wanted to be sure to recognize Thomas Carson as he walked me through my desire to use while I was here and saved my life by making me go to ER (ha ha). -Diana L.

All of the client advisors, I have great appreciation for: Anthony, Travis, Rachel, Sam, Christine, Catelyn, John, Sheldon, Michelle, Victoria, Jennifer and Tom. Each one of these individuals have their own stories and have been open to share, which made me feel like they were one of us. We all related very well. I felt very accepted here because of their assistance.

Jenny, Laurie and Armon should not be left out. Their efforts with various tasks helped me throughout my stay as well.

In my opinion, there could not have been a better choice in my personal one-on-one therapist than Netta. She has been my therapist since day one and I absolutely love the energy that she brings as a therapist. It is quite obvious that being a therapist is more than just a career to her. I appreciate Daniel’s strength as a director. The stories he tells as his personal style of teaching were not only educational but also entertaining.

The bottom line is, I appreciate all of you. I feel I couldn’t have done it without the help of each and every one of you!!

Thank you!!!

– Fay K.

I sent my friends sister to Monarch Shores and she had an amazing experience here. She was there for 30 days and loved her therapist and her accommodations. She said they were not pushy and really helped her walk thru her addiction issues. -Mark B.

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Great food, great staff, great program. I feel like this is the last rehab I will ever have to go to. -Dawn

Everyone is so friendly over there that I would love to go back some time… Oh wait… hahaha. But seriously, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I wouldn’t in a million years recommend a friend or family member struggling with addiction to to anywhere else. – Robert (Bob) B.

I want to thank the Team at Monarch. It is hard to simply put in a few words. A family member went there to start their journey to recovery. We had no idea if this was the right place prior to entering the program. I am glad we trusted them and this phase of recovery went well. THANK YOU!!! The comments made by other

-Jim S.

Monarch Shores is a truly amazing program and I am forever grateful to the company and its amazing staff members for helping a dear friend of mine. A close friend came to me and told me they needed help and I didn’t know where to turn, thankfully however I found this program. This is a program that truly cares about the individual and strives to do things based on the individuals needs. In trying to find help for my friend I had experiences with other programs that offered little to no personal attention. The facilities at Monarch are also very beautiful compared to every other program out there. The clinical team was really helpful and provided lots of assistance in getting my friend into treatment and following up with both of us. I have referred other people to Monarch Shores since then because it’s the only way I believe people I care about can get the help they need. This program is a blessing to all who suffer with alcohol and drugs. -Lara R.

A good friend of mine has struggled with addiction since his teens. He has been through multiple rehabs, but hallways falls off the wagon after a short period of time back in the real world. I had largely lost hope in him ever leading a normal or happy life. Luckily, after his last particularly bad bender, his family wanted to give treatment one more shot. We got in touch with Monarch, and their admissions staff were so helpful and caring. They stayed late to ensure my friend got in that night. It’s been a little over six months and my friend is still sober. Just as important though, he is back in school, active in the recovery community, working out, and all around happy. I don’t know the details of the treatment process at Monarch, but from what I’ve seen, they seem to support and nurture not just immediate sobriety, but personal growth and a return to society. Six months ago, I couldn’t imagine seeing my friend where he is today. Thanks to Monarch, I now have a good friend back. -Barry B.

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