California Holistic Addiction Rehab

Holistic rehab for drug or alcohol addiction focuses on healing the body, mind and spirit from the damages of substance abuse. Not only will clients go through therapy and addiction education but they also will learn new tools to cope with cravings and triggers. Some holistic therapies include massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, art therapy and much more. We are located in Southern California and provide our clients with luxury amenities, experienced counseling, and a tranquil environment that only California can provide.

Inpatient drug rehab is a great way to assure that addicts stay clean, and a more popular approach in recent years has been holistic addiction treatment. These treatment centers focus on healing the patient’s mind, body, and soul through both addiction treatment and spiritual therapies. It is important not to confuse spirituality with religion, as these are two different concepts. Holistic drug rehab with Monarch Shores uses different techniques to address the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Read on to learn about our holistic addiction treatments.

What to Expect from Your Holistic Drug Rehab Experience

Holistic rehab programs do not depend on pharmaceuticals in any part of the recovery process after detox. The idea is to clean the body of the drugs toxins and chemicals put into your body from your drug use. Holistic drug rehab centers try not to use medications to ease comforts or block cravings. We want you to learn how to deal with pain, anxiety, and depression among other problems in a natural way. Perhaps our most prized therapy is the natural feelings you receive while living ocean side. Aside from the scenic location here are some techniques unique to the holistic treatment process.

  • Mediation
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Mindfulness
  • Beach and Nature Walks
  • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Tai Chi
  • Physical Education
  • Music Therapy

When you go to a holistic drug rehab, you have the option of going through a holistic detox. This is when your body is cleansed of the toxins generated during your time of substance abuse. This cleanse is done by reducing your toxin intake and eating healthy foods and supplements.

Addiction Treatments in Conjunction with Holistic Rehab

We pride ourselves on offering quality treatment for addiction to those who need it. Holistic therapies are only one part of our integrative treatment plans. We use proven therapies such as CBT, motivational interviewing, group therapy and much more in our centers. We want each client to dig deep and discuss their most personal problems to find out the true reasons why they began drinking or using drugs, to begin with. Our centers provide addiction education and coping skills from experienced counselors that will last with you forever.

Your Holistic Treatment Team

At Monarch Shores you can expect a similar addiction treatment team as you would at any other rehab center, but with additional therapists and specialists. Our addiction treatment staff is licensed and accredited for every holistic therapy.

  • Medical director
  • Clinical director
  • Admissions director
  • Addiction counselors
  • Therapists
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Mindfulness facilitator

Benefits of Inpatient Holistic Addiction Treatment in California

When you choose inpatient holistic addiction treatment in California as your starting point for recovery, you are making a great choice. California offers an environment that is perfect for addiction recovery, especially holistic addiction recovery. Because of the serene and tranquil environment, our patients have the opportunity to find peace during an otherwise chaotic time. Here are some of the benefits of holistic drug rehab.

  • Addresses Physical Pain and Provides Solutions
  • Improves Muscle Strength and Flexibility
  • Teaches Emotional Balance and Regulation
  • Spiritual Guidance (non-religious)
  • Teaches Health Eating Habits
  • Builds Resistance to Cravings
  • Promotes Physical Fitness
  • Increases Self-Esteem
  • Care That Lasts a Lifetime

When you leave your inpatient holistic drug treatment in California you will feel healthy, and inspired, having learned new ways to deal with negativity in your life

Therapies That Last a Lifetime

The best part about holistic drug and alcohol rehab centers is that our amazing staff will introduce you to therapies that last a life time. When people learn how to utilize deep breathing, relaxation, massage, exercise and many other therapies, they can take them with them when they leave. These therapies can be implemented in your aftercare planning and can easily be worked into client’s day to day life upon leaving treatment. Traditionally, aftercare planning will consist of outpatient continued care/education, and support group meetings as well as seeing a therapist. However, those who choose holistic addiction treatment will be able to add a variety of aftercare plan therapies. These can be done by joining groups, paying for massages, taking classes, or even can be done on your own. When people practice these therapies they are improving their mental health and increasing their chances of staying sober.

Holistic Aftercare Planning

Holistic drug rehab programs offer a different aftercare plan than most traditional rehab aftercare plans. Aftercare is an important part of rehab that is often overlooked, but it can make or break someone’s ability to stay sober. Most rehab centers will find outpatient programs and therapists in your insurance network, along with support groups like AA or NA. This is all very helpful, however holistic aftercare plans will provide you with much more.

  • Recommendation for Massage
  • Physical Therapists in Network
  • Natural Pain Management Doctors
  • Pain Injection Specialist
  • Yoga courses
  • Deep Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Mediation Resources and Worksheets
  • Mindfulness Resources and Worksheets
  • Much More

Paying for Addiction Treatment

We never want to deny someone who needs help because of financial status. We have a team of insurance experts that will advocate for you against your insurance company to assure that you are maximizing your insurance benefits. The goal is to get you into treatment for little to no out of pocket cost. We will verify your insurance benefits and contact you as soon as we have the best result for your situation. You are never under any obligation when you call us or fill out our insurance verification form. Our goal at Monarch Shores is saving lives, let us help you escape the grips of addiction today.

When you are ready to receive the treatment you need, we are here to help! At Monarch Shores, we understand the unique differences of every patient or potential patient we meet. If you are ready for help, call us at Monarch Shores today and we can start a conversation about your recovery. We are available 24/7 to take your call and there is never any obligation when you speak with our staff.