Returning Home After Rehab

Returning Home After Rehab: How To Transition Successfully

After living an addictive lifestyle and attending a rehab center program, the next step is going home. This can be a very difficult transition for many recovering addicts. Life isn’t the same when they go home. They can’t do some of the socializing activities or events they once did. It seems like their whole world is turned upside down. If this is how you are feeling about returning home after a rehab center stay, you should know there are some recovery tips and information that can help you to stay clean and sober and live your life with great recovering intentions.

What Might Someone in Recovery Think and Feel When Coming Home from Rehab?

When coming home from addiction rehab, the recovering addict might have a variety of thoughts and feelings. Some recovering addicts are scared while others are over-the-moon with happiness. It varies per person and isn’t the same at all times either. Early recovering addicts are known to have mood swings as they adjust to this transition.

The most important thing is to make sure you handle your thoughts and feelings appropriately. If you are having a difficult time, be sure to speak with your counselor about this. Talk to the members of your support network regularly as well.

How Might People Treat Their Loved One or Friend Who Just Got Out of Rehab?

If you are just getting home from rehab or going to be soon and you are worried about how people are going to treat you, you aren’t alone. This is one of the most common worries from many recovering addicts who are leaving inpatient addiction treatment. There might be some people who you used to get high or drunk with that you shouldn’t be hanging out with any longer. If they are still using, that would be a bad influence for your recovering lifestyle. Even some of your loved ones and friends might have a tough time adjusting to your new life sober. They may not be sure what to say or think. Let them know you are comfortable answering any questions they have. Also, be upfront with them about your needs, so they know as well.

What are Some Tools Someone Who Just Got Out of Rehab Can Use?

When you just come home from drug or alcohol rehab, there are many recovery tools that you may want to use. These tools can help you to stay clean and sober by changing negative habits into positive ones and providing you a chance to lead a productive and healthy lifestyle. Some people may need to get back into the workforce and can use employment training tools to learn a new career that is more fit for their sober lifestyle.

When you are coming home from rehab some of the tools you might want to use are journaling, going to support groups, attending A.A. or N.A. meetings, participating in sober events and working through the 12 step treatment book as well. You might find some of these tools benefit you more than others and that is alright. Find your own path and use the recovery tools that help you out the most.

What Should Someone Do if They Feel Like They Might Relapse?

If you are home from the drug or alcohol rehab center and start feeling like you might relapse, something needs to be done. Don’t ignore it. Choose to take positive actions. Remember what you learned while you were in rehab about relapse prevention. If you are feeling like this, reach out to someone from your support network. If you have a sponsor, call them and talk to them about what you are thinking and feeling. You could also get to an addiction recovery meeting as well. If you have made a relapse prevention plan, take out the list of things you can do to help yourself relax and gain back your serenity. There are many relapse prevention tips you can use to help you stay clean and sober.

If you have already relapsed, don’t be ashamed. Choose to get back into a detox center and help yourself get back on track. Sometimes this happens and if it does, you may just need to find a new path for your recovering lifestyle.

Returning home after an addiction rehab center  stay may seem tough and it can be. However, knowing what you are going to do when certain feelings or thoughts come up is the first step. Having a relapse prevention plan is the next stop. You deserve to live a sober and clean lifestyle and you can do that. When you focus on your recovery and living with more happiness in your life, you can reduce your chances of relapsing and have a bit of an easier time coming home from rehab.

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