Monarch Shores: The Best Addiction Treatment Centers in California

Monarch Shores is a luxury rehab located right on the Pacific Coastal Highway in beautiful Southern California. To be one of the best addiction treatment centers we strive to meet the unique needs of every individual who chooses to start their recovery with us. Our personalized addiction treatment includes a wide range of traditional and integrative therapies. This comprehensive addiction treatment model provides you with the best tools for your recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

To meet the unique needs of each client, we offer a multitude of addiction treatment options including:

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Addiction Treatment Services

Onsite Detox

The best addiction treatment centers offer around the clock and thorough detox protocol. Medically supervised detox at our luxury facilities can ease withdrawal symptoms and help prevent relapse. Learn More about Onsite Detox

Holistic Therapy

Yoga, acupuncture, and physical fitness can help you reduce stress and find internal peace during a time when your body, mind, and spirit need to heal. The best addiction treatment centers understand the importance of implementing holistic education in addiction treatment. Learn More about Holistic Treatment

Trauma Therapy

This treatment focuses on relieving the symptoms of trauma to remove their impact upon your life and make it possible to perform everyday functions. Learn More about Trauma Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

A therapeutic technique to help people make changes in their lives. It is based upon the concepts of collaboration, drawing out the individual’s ideas, and autonomy. Learn More about Motivational Interviewing

12-Step Addiction Treatment

These are the oldest addiction treatment programs available. The tried and true 12 step model has saved many people from the grips of addiction. When successfully completed, a 12-step program can be one of the most effective types of treatment. Learn More about 12-Step Treatment

Individualized Treatment Plans

Tailored to address your specific needs, this treatment plan incorporates physical, psychological, emotional, developmental, familial, social, and cultural factors. Learn More about Individualized Treatment

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This evidence-based treatment combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with the Zen Buddhist concepts of meditation and self-awareness. DBT can help you better regulate your emotions, create more successful interpersonal relationships, and be more mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Learn More about DBT Treatment

Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment

The best addiction treatment centers realize that the 12 steps are not for everyone. Some have tried the 12 step method and have failed, for this reason we offer multiple non 12 step addiction treatment programs. For those who do not want to utilize a 12-step model, we offer a variety of alternative yet proven treatment options to combat addiction. Learn More about Non 12-Step Treatment

Individualized Therapy

Also called psychotherapy or counseling, this process allows clients to work with a trained therapist to explore and work through challenging memories. Learn More about Individualized Therapy

Guided Imagery

This cognitive behavioral technique guides clients through relaxing scenes and/or experiences. It’s been shown to be effective in helping individuals learn or modify behaviors. Learn More about Guided Imagery

Group Counseling

A form of psychotherapy in which one or more therapists treat clients together as a group. Learn More about Group Counseling

Dual Diagnosis

The best addiction treatment centers have recognized the correlation between addiction and mental illness and work to address this when needed. This treatment addresses disorders that can co-occur with addiction, including bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. Learn More about Dual Diagnosis

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

With the help of a therapist, CBT teaches you to develop skills to prevent mood problems, intrusive thoughts, and problematic behaviors. Learn More about CBT Treatment


This type of therapy educates clients about their particular disorders and ways they can cope with problems related to them. Learn More about Psychoeducation

Faith Based Treatment

Faith-based addiction treatment is a popular option for many who have succumbed to the grips of addiction. When all seems lost it could be helpful for some to get back in touch with their spiritual or religious beliefs. At Monarch Shores, we offer faith-based addiction treatment and have spiritual counselors available for our patients. Although some people are turned off by faith based rehab, we know others find this style of treatment to be extremely helpful. We strive to make sure every patient can obtain the type of treatment they find most fitting for their unique situation.

What to Expect from the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in California

Drug Addiction TreatmentAt Monarch Shores, we address drug addiction in two phases: detoxification and treatment. When you complete both of these phases at our top-rated addiction rehab center you lower the possibilities of relapse and increase your chances of staying sober. Detoxification at Monarch Shores is designed to be a luxury experience. Comfortable rooms along the California coastline are available and meals are prepared daily by our professional kitchen staff.

Best of all, our trained medical staff helps ease any uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms. The process of detoxing your body of drugs can be an emotional one too. You will not be required to participate in treatment until you get through your detox protocol until then we only ask that you relax as much as possible.

During the addiction treatment process, you will confront negative past experiences and traumas in your life. The experts at Monarch Shores help you process these feelings and gain closure.


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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Alcohol withdrawal can cause a variety of symptoms that can be avoided under medical supervision. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include

  • Dehydration
  • Hypertension
  • Tremors
  • Altered levels of consciousness
  • Potential Seizures
  • Potential for Stroke

When you detox from alcohol at Monarch Shores, our doctor designs an individually tailored medication regimen to stabilize your blood pressure and heart rate, reduce or eliminate your tremors, and improve your cognitive functioning. This helps create a comfortable and successful detox experience.

We base our alcohol addiction treatment plans upon each client’s needs. You will receive the support you need from our behavioral therapy, group or individual therapy, and other unique alcohol treatment. We address the reasons you became addicted to alcohol and provide a variety of therapies to help you gain closure with these problems. These multidisciplinary therapy tools can help you maintain long-term sobriety after you leave Monarch Shores.

Integrative Therapy Tools Offered by The Best Addiction Treatment Centers in California

To be one of the best addiction treatment centers, our physician-led team provides an integrated approach to addiction treatment. Our world-class therapists practice more than 20 different forms of addiction therapy techniques to suit your individual needs. These therapies incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodrama, individualized therapy, and many other disciplines.

Treatment also encompasses holistic therapies such as; yoga, fitness training, meditation and massage. And don’t forget about our support group meetings held right on the beach! Another form of integrated treatment we offer is dual diagnosis addiction treatment, where we examine our patients for any underlying mental illness that could be contributing to their drug or alcohol abuse.

When you arrive at Monarch Shores, you will undergo an in-depth assessment by our therapists and medical staff. Together, we can create a customized treatment plan that allows you to make the most of your stay at our luxury rehab facility.

It’s also important to know that we provide IOP and PHP (intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program) services at our outpatient clinical building located in the beautiful city of San Juan Capistrano.

Clients will attend outpatient services while staying at our sober living homes here in Orange County, which offers a transitional living environment. The goal of our outpaitent program is to help people learn how to stay sober while completing daily responsibilites and living on their own.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

At Monarch Shores we believe nobody should go without the treatment they need because of money. Our insurance experts work hard to assure your insurance is being maximized to its fullest potential. We advocate for our patients to allow them the time needed in treatment at little to no out of pocket costs. You can fill out our insurance verification form or simply call us any time of the day to start your recovery journey. Our expert staff can provide you with all the answers to your pressing questions and there is never an obligation when you call. What are you waiting for? Call us today to start your recovery journey.

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