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Do you consider yourself a functional addict, or know someone who fits the description? Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate by race, age or financial status. Drug or alcohol addiction can affect the individual with the highest paycheck, or on the other side of the spectrum, the homeless beggar on the corner. However, for addicts with busy lives, it can be very difficult to step away from their important responsibilities. This is where a luxury rehab like Monarch Shores can become very useful to you or a loved one.

Some need a rock bottom or life-threatening experience before they are ready to stop their drug or alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, some never seek treatment. However, for every intensely busy CEO with a substance abuse problem, there is a luxury rehab center that matches any busy schedule and allows internet or phone access to their patients. If you are tired of the emotional roller coaster, financial woes and risky situations that addiction is putting you through, then call us at Monarch Shores and start a conversation about changing your life.

We use a number of treatment programs and techniques to make recovering from substance abuse possible. Our staff is equipped to put together an individualized treatment plan that will put you on the most effective path to sobriety. If you are looking for an outstanding luxury rehab option or know someone who would benefit from our luxury rehab facilities, read on for more information about what you will find at our luxury rehab center.

Types of Luxury Addiction Treatment Offered

In today’s modern addiction treatment, there are many effective therapies. Luckily, in a luxury rehab facility, it is possible to choose the best addiction treatment programs for your unique situation from a variety of unique methods. Therapies like massage and acupuncture are proven methods to help calm addicts in recovery and help them stay sober. Many upscale rehab centers offer varying types of therapy models and even alternative methods, including the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Art Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Gym Access
  • Spa Treatment
  • Yoga

Based on your best interest and personal preferences, you can choose the type of alternative therapy that most interests you. On top of these luxury therapies, there are standard therapies conducted by the best licensed therapists California has to offer. These therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodrama, group therapy and individual counseling.

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Addiction Therapies

At our luxury rehab facilities, you will receive the most personalized treatment possible, which includes more traditional routes of therapy.

Our limited housing allows patients to work closely and regularly with our staff of psychiatrists to unpack the reasons behind your addiction, and what can help you to maintain sobriety in the future. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as mindfulness techniques, and other methods can be used to help with changing habits and to assist in the creation of new, healthy methods of coping.

  • Psychotherapy  —If you are interested in changing your behavior or negative thought patterns, it may be beneficial to try psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can refer to several types of therapeutic methods that relate to addressing negative behavior. The ability to go through an individual treatment plan with a counselor will help to unscramble your thought process and actions that have led you to addiction and learn new positive solutions. Psychotherapy also typically involves identifying important goals you would like to accomplish.
  • Group therapy  —Depending on whether it is preferred or not, the addict could meet with other recovering addicts, in order to share and connect with others with a similar experience. Often, the functional addict feels they cannot relate to anyone; the executive addict feels alone in a sea of high-powered employees. However, there are many others out there with the same experience—and finding them in a luxury rehab facility will be a great asset to your continued sobriety.

Regardless of whichever therapeutic method you choose, a staff of highly-rated medical professionals will be available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Private Living Options at Luxury Rehab

Many prefer luxury therapy solely because it allows the recovering addict to spend more time alone. Rather than sharing a living space, those who attend luxury rehabilitation treatment are able to select single rooms in order to spend time on themselves. Our 6 client per house ratio promises privacy and one-on-one attention that is hard to find anywhere else.

Though a private setting is possible in luxury treatment, it is still necessary to specifically focus upon the addict as an individual. While a recovering addict might live alone in a luxury rehab center, this means that other techniques will be necessary to guarantee a successful recovery experience.

Monarch Shores provides a luxurious living facility, intended for clearing the mind and developing new, positive patterns of thought. When new habits are developed slowly, with patience and in a pristine location, the functional addict recovering in a luxury facility will slowly redevelop the ability to experience a busy lifestyle beyond the mask of addiction.

Our Luxury Rehab Facilities are Work Friendly

Perhaps most importantly to some, patients in a luxury rehab center are allowed to use a personal cell phone and laptop. This means that maintaining a balance of rehabilitation and work-life is possible for executive rehab patients. Many do not attend rehab, even when they are able to afford the best options available, simply because they feel it is impossible to set aside work responsibilities for an extended period of time. At a luxury rehabilitation center, it is possible to maintain your work responsibilities, as well as move toward a healthier, happier, sober way of life.

The Best Luxury Rehab in California

At Monarch Shores, our upscale center provides a beautiful location for those seeking treatment. Located off the Pacific Coastal Highway in California, our serene environment, and state of the art luxury facilities will give you the rehabilitation experience you deserve.

Concerned about insurance? Some insurance policies cover 100 percent of rehab costs. Get in contact with us today, and we can verify the extent of your insurance coverage. Depending on your insurance provider, we will guarantee you receive the best treatment possible.

Call today and find out when you can start treatment at Monarch Shores, your best luxury rehab center in California.

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