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Monarch Shores

Monarch Shores is a licensed and certified substance abuse treatment center that specializes in providing individualized treatment plans. Our physician-led multidisciplinary treatment team provides an integrated, holistic approach to treatment that creates long-term effective sobriety. Offerings include personalized therapy incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 step addiction treatment, non 12 step treatment, and holistic modalities such as massage, fitness training, acupuncture, and recreational outings.

Our world class therapists practice over 20 different forms of therapy techniques to suit your individual needs. We use a treatment approach that incorporates a comfortable, luxurious and private environment so you can focus on your personal goals and therapeutic challenges. We utilize a compassionate team of knowledgeable professionals who treat every client with the utmost dignity and respect.

Why Monarch

Monarch Shores provides our clients with the top level of care in a comfortable luxury setting.

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Insurance Friendly

We can work with most private PPO insurance policies to reduce or eliminate out of pocket costs.

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Find out what past, and current, clients have to say about Monarch Shores.

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