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Importance of Codependency Therapy

By January 8, 2019Relapse Prevention

Are you a codependent individual who finds it hard to let go of abusive people and relationships? It may be a difficult place to be in, as you witness how it negatively impacts your life. Thankfully, there are resources available to help you, and one of them is codependency therapy.

Healthy relationships have a give-and-take balance. It may not always be equal, but there is a reciprocation that happens so that both partners are satisfied. However, for a codependent individual, this is not usually the case. The behavior of someone who is codependent can lead to, feelings of neglect, low self-esteem, anxiety and fear which can jeopardize their recovery. It is important to understand if you or your partner are codependent, especially if in recovery from addiction.

 What is Codependency?

Codependency, although not considered a mental health disorder, is a condition where a person sacrifices one’s needs for the sake of other people. This can happen in a relationship where the other individual may be abusive, suffering from a mental health condition, or suffering through addiction. Codependent individuals often resolve to giving in to the demands of their loved ones in order to keep the relationship going.

The results of being in a codependent condition can be devastating to one’s mental, emotional, and even physical health. Victims of abuse can suffer from conditions such as depression, PTSD, or anxiety. Those who tolerate addictions of their loved ones may suffer from financial distress or physical abuse.

 What are the signs of codependency?

If you suspect that you are growing codependent with your loved one, here are some signs to look out for:

  • You may have difficulties making decisions within your relationship.

  • You easily give in to the demands of your partner even if you know that it’s not beneficial for the both of you.

  • You tolerate verbal, emotional, or physical abuse.

  • You have a low self-esteem and feel like you’ll never survive with your loved one.

  • You have strong fears of being abandoned by your partner.

Considering these signs and the negative effects of codependency, you can see how this can be jeopardizing to someone in recovery from addiction.  There is a possible solution that can help you regain confidence, protect yourself, and the health of your relationships–and that is through codependency therapy.

Benefits of Codependency Therapy?

Helps Achieve Healthier Relationships.

Everyone desires a relationship where both individual’s needs are met. It isn’t just you who has to give, but also your loved one. Removing your codependent tendencies helps you to regain the self-control to over-sacrifice for others at your own expense. There is a saying that goes, “People accept the love that they deserve”. Being less codependent helps you achieve the love that you desire and deserve from people, so that your partner can also help fulfill your needs within the relationship.

Builds Your Self-Esteem

It is difficult to have a sense of self that is built solely around the opinions of others. Although this is needed to some extent, this does not have to be the basis of how you should value your worth. Self-esteem is not just about what you can offer to others, but how you are as a person–your gifts, personality, and all the qualities you possess in general.

Some codependent individuals think that by giving excessively, they can gain approval of other people. However, this is a dangerous path to tread on because these individuals can be taken advantage of. Undergoing codependency therapy helps you restore your self-worth by shifting away from how you value others’ approval.

Teaches You How to Stop Enabling

Sadly, many codependent individuals become enablers of their loved one’s who suffer from addictions or undiagnosed mental health problems. For example, if a partner has a substance addiction, the codependent individual may be willing to provide the money or other resources to get the drugs they crave for. To satisfy the needs of their partners, codependents try to please their loved ones whether they think it’s right or wrong.

As a result, this pattern leads to further harm not only for the codependent but also for the one going through substance abuse. Being able to set boundaries and avoiding codependent behaviors through therapy can help stop the pattern of addictions or find solutions for mental health issues.

Teaches You Self-Fulfillment

Let’s face it–one-way relationships are barely satisfying. Not only does it bring out the worst in you, but it also ruins your self-esteem and how you perceive others should treat you. This can lead you to a downward spiral of negative emotions, anxiety, paranoia and depression. Life can be unfulfilling at this state.

By removing your codependent tendencies, you can live a more fulfilling life. You can either change the dynamics of your relationship, take control, or start over again and understand your worth as a person. Without the codependent mindset, you can feel happier about who you are regardless of what other people think.

Be Codependent No More–Starting Today!

Be free from the chains of codependency, achieve healthier relationships, and a healthier you. Hopefully, these benefits of codependency therapy can help you stay sober on your journey of recovery.