Addiction Recovery Apps: A New Form of Help

Addiction Recovery Apps: A New Form of Help

Technological advancements are solving many of the world’s problems one at a time. Technological development increases options for most people. It also ensures convenience to the users by streamlining processes. One of these beneficial advancements is in the form of addiction recovery apps, which are a new form of help for people suffering from substance use disorder. Of course, these apps can only do so much and are best served as a support tool after you leave your treatment center.

Global Picture of Substance Use Disorder Disorder

A 2016 study on the Global Burden of Diseases revealed that alcohol use disorder is the most prevalent substance use disorder disorder worldwide. An estimated population of 100.4 million is suffering from different forms of alcohol use disorder. An estimated 26.8 million people are suffering from opioid dependence. Another 22.1 million people are suffering from cannabis dependence. With these numbers, substance use disorder disorder can be considered a public health concern globally.

The predicament is further worsened by the fact that the availability of addiction treatment facilities has not stayed up with the demand. A study by the United Nations revealed that drug treatment centers and health service providers continue to fall short. Only one in every six-people suffering from drug abuse is receiving their needed treatment.

Addiction Recovery Apps: A New Form of Help

Addiction recovery has always been associated with addiction rehabilitation facilities. Treatment for those suffering from substance use disorder was always equivalent to sending them to a rehabilitation centers. With the advent of technology, the industry of apps development has seen a possible market for addiction recovery and mental health. Today, there have been apps developed to deliver a new form of help to those who are suffering from substance use disorder.

The following are examples of addiction recovery apps:

  1. Addicaid

This app is an all-in-one solution to support different levels of recovery journeys of different types of addictions. Features include the following:

  • A directory of the 12-step and other alternative support groups in your area
  • A facility for connecting and chatting with other Addicaid users
  • Journaling and daily check-in capability
  • Spending calculator
  • Eating regimen to improve diet and reduce cravings
  • Hotlines
  1. I am Sober

This app gives you a constant reminder of how many days you have sober. It provides an overview of your sobriety and even includes how much you saved since ending your addiction. Other features include:

  • Make a daily pledge
  • Keeping honest
  • Daily motivation
  • Sobriety calculator
  • Manage multiple addictions
  • Share your recovery journey with others

Pros and Cons of Using Addiction Recovery Apps


  1. It spells convenience because of the fact that it is a mobile addiction recovery app.
  2. It is easy to use and those in dire need can get the help they need with just a push of a button.
  3. It is also a cheaper option because apps are not facility-based, which means they are inexpensive to operate.
  4. It will not require the individual suffering from substance use disorder disorder to check in to a rehabilitation facility.
  5. The app can be used anytime and anywhere.


  1. Because it is mobile and virtual, the face to face encounter is limited.
  2. It lacks the personal touch of the treatment process.
  3. It does not offer detoxification which is highly important in the treatment process.
  4. The concept of isolation and separation from the sources of addiction is not highly demanded because the addiction recovery app can be used anywhere. The temptation to substance use disorder will continue to exist because you are not quartered in the rehabilitation center.

Addiction Recovery Apps Going Forward

The development of addiction recovery apps is a positive response to the need to increase the means to cater to the demand of individuals seeking treatment from substance use disorder. However, it will not be sufficient to provide the human need of personal touch in the healing process. Consider that there is a greater need that transcends the physical which lead the people to substance disorder. It should, therefore, be addressed on a deeper level. It will be interesting to see how these addiction recovery apps progress and improve in the future.

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