Spirituality In Addiction Recovery

Spirituality In Addiction Recovery

Drug abuse and alcoholism can cause changes in the brain which affect the area that is critical for decision-making, judgment, behavioral control, learning, and memory. This can lead to harmful behaviors and decisions among its users. Addiction is also considered as a complex brain disorder as well as a mental illness. With these areas of the brain affected, many times people can become morally broken during addiction. This is why spirituality in recovery is so important.  It is important to understand the difference in spirituality and religion when looking for treatment and recovery options. Many people are immediately turned off by the word spirituality because it is always associated with religion, but this is not the case.

Luckily, like many chronic diseases, addiction can be treated. With various treatments available to fit the different needs of each patient, turning your back from addiction and recovering is possible. Some treatments that have been found to be successful in overcoming addiction are:

  • medication
  • behavioral counseling and therapy
  • long-term follow-up treatment
  • relapse prevention education
  • medical assistance  devices for treating withdrawal symptoms
  • evaluation and treatment for mental health disorders

Through scientific research, it has been found that the best and most effective treatment should address all the needs of the patient, not just their problem with drug abuse. Be it the need for extracurricular activities during recovery, counseling, dual-diagnosis for mental health disorders, proper diet, and nutrition, or even religion and spirituality in recovery. It should also be noted that no single treatment will work for everyone, so it is best that treatments are reviewed and modified to fit the individual’s needs. Treatments which include religion in the program may not work for non-believers, while spirituality in recovery may offer them comfort and the help they need.

Spirituality vs Religion

For people seeking addiction treatment, there are religious-based treatments as well as non-religious based treatments, both can include incorporating spirituality in recovery from addiction.

A lot of people can be confused with spirituality and religion. If you tell someone that you are spiritual but not religious, you may be greeted with a confused stare. But aren’t they the same? No.  Spirituality and religion are both intertwined. They may seem the same since they have a common subject-matter, but both have different meanings.

Spirituality is a broad concept that refers to our relationship and connection with something bigger, such as the universe, nature or the sacredness of life. This is not confined to just the formal teachings or practices of a religion or to institutional places of worship. Spirituality aims to inspire and find a connection, meaning, and value in life, and not to preach or demand what is true and right. Incorporating spirituality in recovery is also often times used to treat different issues such as mental disorders and addiction.

When it comes to religion and spirituality, both will tell you that there is more to our universe than what we can see and that there is more to our lives than our physical bodies. The universe, as well as our existence, is made up of non-physical elements. To feel truly complete and fulfilled in our lives, it is our duty to consciously connect with these elements. This element can be a higher power of some kind such as God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha or others. It can also be a primal force in the universe such as the concept of a universal energy force field.

Spirituality and religion will also invest in deepening an individual’s religiosity or spirituality. This can be done through the help of rituals and practices like meditation, yoga, reading spiritual or religious books, listening to preaching, or attending church services. Spiritual and religious persons aim to find their life’s purpose or live their lives as defined by their spiritual guide.

Religion is an established religious order that can be big or small. Those with billions of followers include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Those of the smaller groups are Judaism, Bahaism, Zoroastrianism, and others. Religion has a certain recognized deity or Supreme Being that the order worships. It also includes a fundamental set of beliefs and practices that are agreed upon by the members of the order. This also contains a specific moral code that governs how they conduct human affairs and the way they live their life. Most of the religion today bases their belief on a supreme book or a great prophet.

Spirituality in Recovery

Addiction is more than just a physical condition, as this also affects an individual’s emotional and spiritual health. It destroys the character of an individual as well as their relationships with others. Luckily there are facilities that offer religious and spirituality in recovery to fix the broken soul. Some patients may prefer to recover from addiction through a religious-based treatment such as 12-Step Program for addiction.

Incorporating religion in the treatment program helps and works for a lot of people as this can help remind them of the doctrines that they should be following. Some individuals, on the other hand, would prefer to not be confined by religion. The importance of spirituality in recovery in patients has been observed. There are now different facilities that provide their patients with spirituality in recovery.

study shows that spirituality in recovery is a helpful influence on patients dealing with addiction. Spirituality in recovery helps strengthen the will of the patient to recover his life. Spirituality in recovery is enough to make them feel grounded and alive. Most patients with addiction problems feel empty and lost in life. Programs that offer spirituality in recovery can help them find a meaning and purpose in their life again.

Patients can also become angry, dishonest, self-destructive or self-centered. Through spirituality in recovery, human beings can learn to connect with themselves as well as their loved ones again. This also allows patients to respect and love those around them as well as their own selves. Aside from this, spirituality in recovery allows the patients to get in touch with their moral compass. They realize what is right and wrong according to their own beliefs and principles.

Spirituality in recovery also makes patients realize that we all have weaknesses and can make mistakes. With spirituality in recovery, the patient will recognize and get a perspective of their problems and realize that there are ways to improve their situation. This also allows them to let go of their pride and accept or ask help from others. Recovering in addiction should not be done alone. When a patient discovers their spirituality, they will learn to receive help from others as well as provide it to those who are in need. The road to recovery from addiction can be hard but through spiritual practices, you can help heal yourself and live a better life.

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