Experiential Learning Activities Offered at Monarch Shores

Experiential Learning: Enjoying Sobriety


Addiction treatment is a serious issue, after all, that is why you or your loved one are coming to our facilities. However, we believe showing our clients that they can enjoy sobriety, is a great way to help them stay sober after treatment. Experiential learning is an opportunity for us to provide a platform for our clients to build a strong recovery community and to show them that you can have fun in recovery. These initiatives also help introduce new hobbies and passions to clients.

Activities always have a recovery component with either a speaker, guided meditations, or group discussions on gratitude. Our clients are always supervised during experiential learning activities as you or your loved one’s safety is our top priority.

Beach Hikes

Beach Bonfires

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Softball Games

Park Days

Whale Watching


Laser Tag

K1 Racing

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