Dating A Cocaine Addict: How To Help Your Partner

Dating A Cocaine Addict: How To Help Your Partner

Dating someone who has a cocaine addiction can be a challenge. Not only does the addiction affect your loved one’s health and well-being, it can also affect you. What are some ways to help your significant other get help? Read further to find out.

Cocaine addiction, otherwise known as “coke” is often dubbed as one of the most common drug addictions in the modern age. Topping the list along with heroin, marijuana, and meth, cocaine presents unique manifestations among people who are dependent on it.

Perhaps it isn’t you who is having a problem with this drug, but rather someone close to you. You may be having suspicions, or your loved one has openly admitted their addiction, but you don’t know how to approach towards a solution. You may have tried some coaxing to get help, or even tried to take control but to no avail. As someone concerned, what should you do?

What are the signs of a coke addiction?

If your significant other has not admitted their problem but you are seeing some signs of a possible addiction, here are symptoms that can help you confirm whether they are suffering from cocaine dependence:

Your loved one may feel more agitated than usual. They show signs of quick irritability, and trying to pry into their habits may tick them off.

  • They may be more hyperactive than usual. Cocaine is a stimulant, making people have more physical movement than their usual selves.
  • Your significant other may have problems in focus and attention. They may appear lost, disoriented, or distracted during social interactions.
  • They may have flu-like symptoms. Cocaine can cause many debilitating physical effects during use and attempted quitting, such as fever, chills, muscle tics, and cold.

If most, or all signs are present with your loved one, aside from seeing drug paraphernalia in their home, it can be a confirmation that they may have a coke addiction. Here are some ways to talk to them about getting help.

How to encourage your loved one to get help on coke addiction

1. Talk about how the drug addiction is affecting you, but avoid being accusatory.

One of the first steps in helping a loved one get support from coke addiction is to come from an honest standpoint. In this strategy, it is crucial to be sensitive towards how they might think or feel. You can start with words such as “I feel like the drug addiction has…” instead of “You have cause me to…”. The former starter sentences sounds more honest, yet it is non-accusatory. Do not be judgemental about what your significant other is going through, because drug addiction is often a struggle that is misunderstood. Your loved one relies on you for emotional support, and the last thing you want to do is to push them away with your words.

2. Be compassionate, but avoid being an enabler.

Compassion is such as important trait to have if you are dating a coke addict. Cocaine is a powerful drug that takes hold of a person possibly long even after they decide to quit. For this reason, you have to be patient, but at the same time, avoid behaviors that may enable their habit. This can include giving them resources to use to drug, or bringing them to places that they might be tempted to use coke once again. Striking a balance between compassion and being firm towards stopping addictions are very important.

3. Encourage your loved one to get help, but do not force them to.

Nothing is worse for someone when they are being forced to do something they don’t like. This can harbor resentment, and may even prove the experience to be traumatic or a failure. The best you can do for a loved one suffering from a coke addiction is to gently encourage them to get medical help, go for counseling, or sign up for rehabilitation. At first, they may resist–and that is okay. Be consistent in encouraging them but do not angrily force your loved one to get help. It is better for them to take that step not because they are coerced, but they want to do it for themselves.

4. Set boundaries for your non-negotiables.

When addiction gets out of hand, it is best to set personal boundaries between you and your loved one. This can include not tolerating violent behavior, participating in petty or serious crimes, and other activities that can harm you and your loved one’s life. These non-negotiables should be set right from the start so that you won’t end up as an enabler for their addictions. Once this is done, be sure to get professional help or contact law enforcement for you and your significant other’s safety.

You can be an influencer

When it comes to dating a coke addict, it is your choice to be an enabler or a positive influencer. All it takes is more encouragement, less judgement, and consistency with your actions, and you can help bring someone out of the spiral or drug dependency.

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