Faith Based Alcohol Treatment Centers in California: What to Expect

Alcohol abuse can cause people to lose a lot: health, relationships, and jobs, just to name a few things. Some people believe that it can also lead people to lose their faith. Those who want to find faith—or reinforce existing faith—can explore spirituality and treat alcohol addiction at the same time. This can be accomplished through faith based alcohol treatment centers.

What are Faith Based Alcohol Treatment Centers?

Faith based alcohol treatment centers consists of rehab programs and centers that treat alcohol and drug abuse. These programs incorporate spiritual principles as a part of care. They also feature many of the same components as secular rehab centers:

  • Safe medical detox
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Leisure activities
  • Addiction education
  • Relapse prevention

In the United States, a number of faith based or Christian alcohol rehab programs and centers have ties to Christianity or Judaism. There are many rehab centers and programs with ties to different Protestant denominations of Christianity and others that relate to Roman Catholicism. Still other programs incorporate Muslim or Buddhist teachings and practices.

People generally do not have to be a member of a particular religion to participate in a rehab treatment offered by a certain faith. Those of varying faiths or without specific religious beliefs choose specific faith based alcohol treatment centers in California based on the treatments or activities they offer.

Whatever the religion, all faith based alcohol treatment centers in California urge people to connect to a higher power that can help them understand their addictions and guide them to rehab and recovery.

What Are Some Kinds of Faith Based Alcohol Rehab?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a well-known faith based alcohol treatment. AA and other 12-Step programs for substance abuse claim that turning toward a higher power will help people turn away from alcohol. A number of AA’s steps talk about God or a higher power and about letting God or the higher power guide people toward sobriety. There are AA chapters all over the world and even AA meetings inside of secular (non-faith based) inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers.

There are also other faith based alcohol programs at rehab centers. Such programs might include Bible-study groups or other types of religion-based groups. There are also faith based alcohol treatment centers in California.

What Are Some Components of Faith Based Alcohol Treatment Centers in California?

Faith based alcohol treatment centers in California have patients who have different life experiences and different histories with alcohol and other substances. Rehab centers also have staff members with varying backgrounds and approaches. Because of all these variables, no two rehab treatments are exactly alike.

Many faith based alcohol treatment centers in California, however, share some common characteristics:

  • detox and withdrawal treatment
  • counseling and education about alcohol
  • individual and/or group therapy
  • strategies to prevent relapse
  • spiritual study and prayer
  • emphasis on connection to God or a higher power
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Why Should People Consider Faith Based Alcohol Treatment Centers in California?

There are some advantages to seeking faith based alcohol rehab if you practice the same religion that the center promotes. For one, these centers have spiritual advisers and other staff members affiliated with your religion. They have experience in dealing with addiction and share your personal values, so you can treat your alcohol abuse in physical, psychological, and spiritual ways.

In addition, other patients might share similarities with you. You might not have to explain yourself to them because other patients share your background and opinions. A secular rehab center might not address spirituality in a way that suits you.

Finally, connecting with patients at faith based rehab centers can help you build a good support system after rehab. Sometimes, people have to make new friends after rehab, because their own friends continue to abuse alcohol and other substances. Connecting to friends who are committed to sobriety can help you maintain your own sobriety.

How Can People Find Faith Based Alcohol Rehab Centers in California?

To find faith based alcohol rehab centers in California, people should ask the other members of their religious congregations. They can even ask the leaders of these congregations. Since alcohol and drug abuse is common, there is a good chance that members of the congregation may have received faith based alcohol treatment.

This means that addicts who seek help are not alone. There is no reason to be ashamed, because they share their problem with many others. By finding faith based alcohol rehab, they might be able to share recovery with others as well.

Disclaimer * Monarch Shores does not offer bible study, nor do we have a pastor or church at our centers. We can apply religious teachings to help you make meaning of your addiction recovery and to give you strength along the way. We can also find faith-based support groups in the community you are returning home to.

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