Leading California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

How would you like to recover from drug or alcohol addiction in one of California’s leading substance abuse treatment facilities? If you’re like most people who are trying to beat their substance abuse problem then the answer is probably yes.  You know rehab is not a walk in the park. You want to give yourself, or a loved one, the best odds at beating their addiction. You also want to make that their stay while in rehab is as comfortable as possible.

But, how do you find a treatment center that offers top not treatment at an affordable price or one that is covered by your insurance plan?

Sure, there are hundreds of options available, but we share the reasons why Monarch Shores is the most qualified to help you or your loved one recover from drug or alcohol addiction. But, choosing a substance abuse treatment center based on appearance, cost or location can be detrimental to your recovery. And, it could end up costing you more over time.  What is important to you or your loved one during recovery? For some, good nutrition and exercise are high on the list. For others, privacy and location are a factor. Unlike traditional rehabilitation, recovering addicts can heal with access to the best amenities available. If you connect with the idea of tailor-made rehabilitation, better medical supervision, and a peace of mind, then Monarch Shores might be a good fit for you or your loved one.

How to Find the Right Addiction Treatment Center 

This can be a tricky task. A quick online search reveals many substance abuse treatment centers in California. Some of these centers are large and luxurious. They come with just about every amenity one can ask for. Rooms are spacious and upscale.  And, so are their costs. But, how effective is their treatment?  As you could imagine, some fare better than others.

Another factor people look at when choosing a rehab treatment center in California is the center’s online ratings. Five star ratings aren’t uncommon. But, how do you know these ratings are genuine? A five star rating can be purchased for as little as $5 and can be made to look real with pictures of real people.

Choosing a treatment center based on appearance and online ratings may not be the way to go.  When making your decision, you want to make sure the center you choose is going to customize your treatment program to fit your specific needs. This approach usually increases your odds of overcoming your addiction.

What We Offer

Monarch Shores,  specializes in many different forms of treatment, but also has a great detoxification program. Adjustments are made according to substance abuse history, medical history and medical preferences. Monarch Shores, located in San Juan Capistrano, offers five-star treatment on the cliff-side of Dana Point with breath-taking views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Many people who enter rehab find that a serene environment helps their recovery.

Everyone is unique therefore it is important to find the unique treatment for you. That is possible at Monarch Shore where many people are already well on their way toward recovery. A lot of treatment centers in California for substance abuse only focus on one method of treatment. This does not mean they are ineffective programs. It simply means that there is something far superior available. If a particular form of treatment did not work for you or your loved one in the past, Monarch Shores provides an opportunity to try a new one and never give up on this new life.

A 12-step treatment method is widely used at most centers. Many addicts have successfully given up their addiction by using this model. But, this treatment method doesn’t work for everyone. We use over twenty different treatment methods.

A medical expert and a licensed therapist will carefully review customize a treatment plan that is going to give you or a loved one the highest probability of success.

Some of the treatment methods we use are:

  • Holistic therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • 12-Step Addiction Treatments
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Equine Therapy
  • Non 12 Step addiction treatment
  • Dual-diagnosis therapy
  • Guided imagery

Step One: Detox

If you are wondering how treatment works at Monarch Shores, the first step is the intake process followed by detoxification. There are many California substance abuse facilities that do not have their own detoxification program. This can be a dangerous and even fatal process if not done under professional care. Detox is a process that should not be taken lightly especially when dealing with alcohol or addictive substances. A doctor will be on staff and will tailor a detoxification program for the individual, keeping you or your loved one as comfortable as possible.

Treatment Options

After the detoxification process is finished, it is time to pick a treatment plan that is most suitable to the individual. Holistic treatment works for many because it focuses on repairing the mind, body and spirit. Holistic treatment offers organic meal plans, yoga and acupuncture. There are religious programs available for people who would like to involve God in their treatment also. A twelve-step approach is one that has been used since the late 1930’s. The twelve-steps can be done by anyone and although not a religious program it is a spiritual program. Other options include trauma therapy and individualized treatment. Trauma therapy helps tremendously with addicts who have suffered a lot of hardships. Individualized treatment is very beneficial. Addicts and alcoholics love to isolate and by speaking with a professional in a one-on-one setting the therapy can help remove you or your loved one from isolation.

Why Choose a California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

There are thousands of treatment centers across the United States, so why choose a California substance abuse treatment facility? California is one of richest and most diverse parts of the world, and many recover from addiction here. The state of California has been referred to as the recovery capital and the always sunny state is complete with strong groups of young people in recovery to middle-aged people and senior citizens. California offers some of the best treatment and recovery in the world. In addition, California offers beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and new movements in healthy lifestyles. So the question you should be asking yourself or your loved one is, why not choose a California substance abuse treatment facility?

Make the Right Choice

Drug addiction and alcoholism is one of the most misunderstood topics of today. People get hooked a substance and cannot find a way to stop using. Thankfully, there is help in the form of rehabilitation. The hardest part is the first step, making the call to start your recovery process. If you are still unsure about which California substance abuse facility to choose, think about what Monarch Shores has to offer. This facility caters to the needs of each patient individually.

Call us for more information about Monarch Shores and what treatment program in California will work best for your or your loved one.