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How much is drug treatment going to cost me? For many people, staying in the proper rehabilitation treatment facility comes down to this one simple question. The cost to attend Monarch Shores varies for every client based upon their needs and severity of their substance abuse. Here is an important fact for anyone considering treatment to know: PPO insurance policies cover a good portion of your rehab cost. This allows you to have a lower out-of-pocket expense, while you receive the help you need to overcome your addiction.

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So how can you find out if your insurance policy covers your rehab expenses without spending hours on the phone? The answer is quite simple. Our online Insurance Verification form allows us take the insurance information you provided, contact your provider, and build an insurance quote for you in just 11 minutes!

Our goal at Monarch Shores is to help you in any way possible. This can mean offering a luxury rehab facility, supplying a variety of traditional and holistic treatments and therapies, or simply giving you the ability to fill out a form and discover what your insurance plan offers in no time at all. So if you want find out if your insurance can cover some, most or all of your rehab expenses just fill out form below. We will contact you right away!

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