Ecstasy Addiction Treatment Rehab

They are arguably the most popular party drugs in America, if not worldwide. Ecstasy comes in pill form, while Molly is a pure molecular powder, stronger than ecstasy. The two drugs have been known to kill the user, and have a nasty reputation for leaving holes in the brain after repeated use. Despite the dangerous risks, many knowingly or unknowingly still use ecstasy and molly at high rates. If you are seeking ecstasy addiction treatment in California, then you are in the right place.

At Monarch Shores, we understand the severity of ecstasy addiction, and the dangers that ecstasy withdrawal poses. Depending on the length of your stay, we will tailor a detox process and treatment specific to your situation. Upon leaving Monarch Shores, we will even develop a relapse prevention plan for you to follow in order to remain sober.

Life is too short to live in actively addicted. Call us at Monarch Shores and learn how to live a new, happier lifestyle.

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment in California

Ecstasy in California is uniquely attractive, due to California’s nightlife. In 2008, over 148,000 dosages of ecstasy were seized in Los Angeles County alone. Many who develop an addiction are offered ecstasy at parties, nightclubs, and bars. The lure of the Los Angeles nightlife and the effects of ecstasy are enough to send some spiraling into addiction. Someone could harmlessly take ecstasy one weekend while partying with friends, and love the feeling so much, they become hooked instantly.

No matter how you became addicted to ecstasy, know there is help available. There is a way to live without ecstasy and nightclubs.

Is My Loved One Addicted to Ecstasy?

Do you suspect that someone you care about is abusing or addicted to ecstasy? If so, this is a difficult time in your life, and you may not be sure what to do.

The first step is research—here are some signs of ecstasy abuse to look for in your loved one:

  • Overly alert for the current circumstance
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweats or Chills
  • Overly friendly
  • Excited and energetic
  • Dry mouth
  • Grinding or clenching teeth

Your loved one may also display general signs of addiction, such as a change in appetite, sleeping pattern, work performance and friends. They may ask you for financial help—whether they actually need the money for drugs or bills is uncertain.

Do I Really Need Treatment? Effects of X

Ecstasy addiction treatment in California is a positive decision: you will have the chance to break out of the endless cycle of active addiction and learn a new way to live. Not to mention, you will be safely monitored by medical professionals during the ecstasy detox process. The effects of ecstasy can take a devastating toll on the body.

Every time you use this drug, you overheat your body, which puts you at risk for many medical problems:

  • Mental problems such as depression and anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Brain damage
  • High blood pressure and heart rate
  • Inability to regulate body temperature
  • Liver, Kidney and Cardiovascular failure

Besides the physical and mental damage ecstasy has on you, consider the social and family problems brought on by your addiction. When you are addicted to ecstasy, you sleep in, stay out late and change your old habits. Your old friends and family miss the old you and know you are better than this. Maybe you have ruined some relationships because of your addiction to ecstasy. It is not too late to heal old relationships and make up for past mistakes—you can start today by calling us at Monarch Shores!

What to Expect During my Treatment Process

When you arrive for your ecstasy addiction treatment in California, you will enter Monarch Shores and begin the intake process. This is when you are evaluated by medical professionals to assess the level of your addiction. It is important you are completely honest, as the rest of your treatment will be based on this intake information.

After intake, you will go through the drug detox and withdrawal process. Our medical staff will monitor you through this entire process and make you as comfortable as possible. After detox, you will be ready to receive treatment. Your treatment will vary depending on the methods or approaches you prefer, which can be discussed when you first call Monarch Shores. Our customized treatment programs are what makes Monarch Shores one of the best ecstasy addiction treatment centers in California.

After your customized treatment you will be preparing for returning back to your life. Depending on your situation, it may not be best for you to return to your original environment. For this unique situation, there are sober living homes and outpatient programs to help addicts adjust back into society. Before you leave the counselor you have been working with will develop an aftercare program that is the best fit for you.

Monarch Shores Provides Elite Ecstasy Addiction Treatment in California

If you are ready to end your ecstasy addiction, we are ready to help you! A phone call will put you on the fast track to recovery from addiction. We understand that packing up and leaving to receive ecstasy addiction treatment in California may seem like a major deal, but it is only a temporary stay.

When you or your loved one accepts the treatment they need, a new world of opportunity will open. At Monarch Shores, we will provide you with luxury amenities and a tranquil environment to make your rehab process as relaxing as possible. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for you to focus on yourself. Let Monarch Shores be the first and only stop for your ecstasy addiction treatment in California.