At Monarch Shores, Yoga is provided as part of our holistic approach to therapy- treating the mind, body and spirit all in one. Yoga is an ancient practice that is designed to encourage physical, mental, and spiritual harmony.
Yogic practice focuses on postures, breathing patterns, and movements or gestures. The breathing and postures of yoga require participants to listen to their body’s cues and stay in the present moment. While achieving these physical objectives, yoga also provides a meditative state that facilitates reflection, introspection, and personal growth.

Yoga helps to heal the damage of addiction by unifying the body, mind, and spirit. For individuals who have previously responded to stress, depression, anxiety, and pain by using drugs or other self-defeating behaviors, yoga provides a safe and natural alternative.

Yoga offers a natural and peaceful way for recovering addicts to reconnect with their bodies. The positive physical, emotional, and mental effects of yoga are both immediate and long term.

The Benefits of Yoga:

  • The many benefits of yoga include the following:
  • Increased strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina
  • Improved circulation
  • Respect for the body
  • Impulse control through slow, controlled postures and stretches
  • Stress relief by stimulating the production of endorphins
  • Healthy way to cope with drug cravings and relapse triggers

Medical disclaimer:

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