How to Fight Boredom in Recovery From Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Bored? What things usually come to your mind whenever you are not busy with anything?

It is often believed that boredom can lead to not-so-good thoughts and decisions. For those in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, fighting boredom needs to be a top priority. When someone in recovery is bored, and he or she does not know how to find activities that can keep them occupied or motivated, the risk of relapse can increase. Understanding how to fight boredom in recovery can go a long way in helping you or a loved one stay sober.

Understanding Boredom

Before we discuss the strategies for fighting boredom in recovery, let us first define it.

Health Line described boredom as the state wherein someone becomes unsatisfied or loses interest in something. It may also be about being uncomfortable with the way you think and feel. People in recovery from addiction that feel unsatisfied or disinterested in their life may be inclined to go back to using. After all, people in recovery from substance abuse are told that life gets better, to feel that it is not getting back could cause someone to be let down with sobriety and make them relapse.

According to Psychology Today, one’s boredom may lead to creating a habit, especially if its comfort and safety that he or she is looking for. This means that they may consider taking drugs and drinking alcohol as the easiest way to entertain themselves. They may also look at these two as the most convenient allies to keep their sanity intact as they think of painful experiences whenever boredom attacks them.

However, no matter how painful and unfair you think life has become, or how bored you may feel, there is still so much to look forward to each day you wake up sober. Do not forget as well that there are many strategies out there which you can follow to fight boredom in Recovery.

Tips on How to Fight Boredom in Recovery

If you are wondering how to fight boredom in recovery then you are thinking the right way. Understanding that boredom is a problem and looking for answers is a sign that you are serious about your sobriety. The following ways are good tips on how to fight boredom in recovery :

Tip 1: Find your purpose.

When you know your purpose, boredom has no room in your life. This leads you towards recognizing your worth, especially to those who love you. Reborn Masculinity pointed out that it is through finding your life’s purpose wherein you become more focused on the bigger things in life, and refrain from giving “small pleasures,” such as the use of drugs and alcohol, a space in your daily existence.

Finding your purpose is not an easy task, it will probably involve a lot of trial and error as well. This should not discourage you, you never know what your purpose is until you try different things and process your feelings and thoughts. Trying different hobbies, meeting different groups of people and exploring new areas of entertainment, work and social circles is what life is all about. One thing is for sure by doing this you will have no time to be bored.

Tip 2: Be curious. Learn new things.

Accordingly, when you stop pushing your creativity to its limits, it is when boredom strikes. Therefore, all you need to do is stay curious and learn a thing or two every day and from every person, you meet. You can explore new music, meet new people who share a similar passion, try new foods, travel to new places, learn about new concepts,  the possibilities are endless.

Tip 3: Look around your home.

There is so much work to be done at home. A lot of people even complain that their weekend is never enough to finish all the stuff they need to do around the house. Beauty and Tips listed down several activities that would keep you busy while staying home on a weekend. You could have fun in cleaning the oven, cooking your favorite dish, clearing your wardrobe, or starting your very own blog. DIY home activities are also very popular and rewarding.

Tip 4: Hit the gym. Exercise!

If boredom has an enemy, it is exercise. When you are bored, you deprive yourself of the energy you need to see life from an optimistic perspective. According to Our Everyday Life, boredom could be likened to “entropy” since you somehow refuse to continuously move and exert energy. By exercising, you release chemicals that would help your mood improve.

Tip 5: Be fascinated.

Considering this scenario, a Life Coach Expert emphasized that you must learn to get fascinated with the things around you. This tip basically wants you to stop for a while and smell the flowers. Thus, look for something that would stimulate your excitement or curiosity. Who knows, you might just discover a new hobby or skill and meet new friends! Never stop being fascinated with all of the wonderful things in this world.

Tip 6: Rest. Have enough of it.

When you do not get enough rest, it is very likely that you will begin feeling bored throughout the day. Code of Living noted that when you lack rest, your brain finds it difficult to focus on a particular task. It roams around somewhere.  Since it is tired, your brain could probably be daydreaming of a relaxing place where it enjoys a deep slumber.

Tip 7: Stay optimistic.

At times, boredom could just be in your mind. It is only you who feeds your brain to get bored. Another tip to avoid boredom, then, is to stay optimistic. When you look at the brighter side of life and focus on the good things it offers, your attitude changes. In short, you find happiness in whatever you do.

Tip 8: Continue improving yourself.

Find something that you want to improve in yourself and tackle it. Maybe it is weight, work, or how you get along with people, maybe there is a new skill you want to learn like painting or woodworking. Asses yourself and discover what about yourself you would like to improve.  You could enroll in specific classes to improve such talents. Following it, you could be just one step away towards getting your dream job.

Tip 9: Challenge yourself.

You get bored at times because you find your regular activities and tasks easy and monotonous. It is time, challenge yourself. It has been advised that instead of waiting for somebody to challenge you, you could create it on your own. How can you challenge yourself today?

Tip 10: Unwind. Travel.

Taking the time to travel, even if it is somewhere new that is close by can combat boredom and open your eyes to new sights, new people and new memories.

Fighting Boredom in Recovery Starts with You

With these tips on how to fight boredom in recovery you will be well on your way to an exciting and sober way of life. Many people, not just those in recovery from addiction, struggle with fighting boredom. Always remember, life is as exciting or as boring as you want it to be and recovery IS possible.

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