Monarch Shores: The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Near Los Angeles

Monarch Shores: The Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Near Los Angeles

When a client is in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center that’s near Los Angeles, California for their co-occurring disorder, and ends up without that extra care, problems almost always arise. In order to properly treat dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder clients, local rehab treatment centers must have qualified doctors and psychiatrists on staff. At Monarch Shores, we can ensure that you, or your loved one, get the required care to deal with all existing issues.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

A co-occurring disorder occurs when an individual has a mental health condition that coexists with an addiction. Co-occurring disorders may be independent of each other, yet they invariably influence each other to some degree. Monarch Shore’s dual diagnosis program is designed to identify and address co-occurring disorders, helping to strengthen individuals’ long-term recovery and success during their time at our Los Angeles facility. Some common co-occurring disorders include: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
When a client is in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center for their co-occurring disorder and ends up without that extra care, problems almost always arise including:
  • Very Quick Relapse: Without treating the underlying cause of the addiction, dual diagnosis clients almost always relapse upon release. In these instances, addiction is a symptom and not the true issue. When they leave treatment, the depression, bipolar, anxiety, or other mental disorder, still exists causing the client to begin the process of self- medication, through the use of drugs or alcohol, all over again.
  • High Probability of Leaving Treatment Early: When a client is detoxed from drugs or alcohol, the underlying issues still remain. When these issues are left untreated, in a facility that is not capable of treating dual diagnosis clients, the mental and emotional strain is often too much for clients to take. They simply check themselves out so that they can have a drink or get high to alleviate the stress.
  • Inability to Assimilate into the Group: Treatment centers in Los Angeles normally have a group setting to allow clients to have like-minded individuals around them to offer a feeling of community. This affords a higher success rate knowing that you’re not the only one in the world going through a battle with addiction. When a client has an untreated mental illness, it is often very difficult for them to become part of the group or community.

Components of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California

  • Education for Dual Diagnosis Clients: The more an individual understands their disorder, the better able that person is to manage it in recovery. Individual sessions with clinical staff support, group lecture, and reading material provide a full understanding of the nature and impact of the disease behaviors on the individual and their social community.
    The individual is more prepared to seek out a support system, to follow up with their necessary provider, manage their medication, and respond appropriately to their everyday stressors.
  • Medication Management: Monarch Shores provides clients with an initial psychiatric evaluation in addition to ongoing reassessments during their stay. An individualized treatment plan is designed with the option for medication management or natural methods if desired. Education and support are provided for clients that start a new medication, including the rationale for use, side effects, expectations, and alternatives. The desired outcome is to maintain a healthy emotional, mental, and physical balance that you can continue to achieve and maintain long-term.
  • Family Group Meetings with Clinical Staff: Monarch Shores provides the opportunity to meet with your family and our staff to discuss your condition, educate the family, and to arrange your aftercare plan.
  • Holistic Therapies: Monarch Shores provides acupuncture, meditation, yoga, physical fitness and personal training, nutritional counseling, and education on relaxation techniques and meditation.
  • Therapy Groups: Monarch Shores offers daily group sessions and individual sessions several times a week so that you may process emotions, concerns, fears. A weekly evaluation of your progress is discussed among the clinical team in order to make any necessary changes and to determine if further care is needed.
  • Relapse Prevention: This form of treatment is an ongoing educational modality that we offer, with your discharge plan beginning on day one with continual evaluation and preparation.

Monarch Shores is dedicated to providing you with the most appropriate treatment plan to address any underlying issues that you may have so that you may enjoy a lifetime of happiness with sobriety.

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