Therapeutic Activities You May Do in Rehab

While in rehab, there are many therapeutic activities that you may partake in. Each rehab is different, and offers different activities. You will need to ask the rehabs you consider which activities they offer, so you can pick which ones sound beneficial to you. Some will help you more than others. You can then decide which activities to do on your own, and which will include a group. Participation is the best way to get yourself moving forward through the recovery process. Making sure that you actively work with the activities at rehab, gives you the best leg up when you go home.

Which Therapeutic Activities Should You Consider?

There are dozens of different therapeutic activities your rehab may offer, if not more. You may like some more than others, and that is perfectly fine. Just be sure to try as many as you can, and stick with the ones that give you positive results. Here are a few activities that you may have the option of.

  • Sitting and talking about triggers as a group. You may know of some of your own relapse triggers, but by listening to the triggers of others, you may notice you have more than previously thought.
  • Activity listing for after rehab. As a group, you may sit down and come up with fun activities that can help you after rehab. Some activities may be starting a new hobby, or even training for an upcoming marathon. Write down as many as you can, as you never know when that list will come in handy.
  • Personal reflection time. You will likely have the opportunity for a lot of personal reflection time. This may be thinking back on what has made you happy. It could also be writing down whatever comes to mind. Just take some time to think and find reasons to smile.

You Need to Give Yourself to the Process of Recovery

While in rehab, you need to make sure you are actively taking part in what is going on. This is what is going to keep you sober now, and down the line. Your body and your mind need full participation to get everything you can out of rehab. Don’t just put in part of the effort unless your full intention is to go back to using. If you want to get sober and remain that way, you need to give your full attention to everything rehab has to offer.

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