Talking About My Problems Began At Rehab

It wasn’t until I went to rehab that I started talking about my problems. I was under the impression that they were all my problems to deal with. No one really cared to listen before rehab, in my experience. When I tried talking to siblings or even my parents, they would pretend to listen then walk off. That is how things went for me my entire life. Then, I started using. From that moment on, talking about my problems became shameful. It has only gone downhill since.

I Learned the Benefits of Talking About My Problems

Talking about my problems was really foreign to me. I did not even know how to start those conversations. Unless someone specifically asked me about something, I wouldn’t offer. And, people had to ask incredibly specific questions to get answers from me. I mean, if they asked me if I tried drugs, I could say yes. However, if they did not ask what drugs, or if I was still using them, I would not offer this type of information. That was not my responsibility, to me. If they wanted to know, they would ask those questions directly.

While at rehab, I learned this was not the right approach to take. I also learned that I did not need to be ashamed of my choices. They led me where I am today, and I am grateful for that. What I needed to do was to begin talking about my problems. Hiding behind them was not doing anyone any good, especially me. I needed to open up. The things that happened in my past affected who I am today. I also saw other people open up and talk. They talked about things that caused their addiction, without holding back. It changed how I looked at rehab.

Therapy in Luxury Rehab Opened Doors for My Mind

I was able to see things far more clearly after talking about my problems. People could relate to what I said, and I could relate to them better. We could see each other for what we were at that point – people. Up until that point, everyone saw all of us as addicts, even us. While no one listened to what I needed to say in the past, everyone at rehab did. They cared, and they showed it. For the first time, I learned that it was good to talk with others. Those problems that I used to hold in, I now knew how to let out.

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