I Had Old Wounds to Work on During Rehab

While I was in rehab, I found that I had many old wounds to tend to. I thought I had dealt with them years ago. Turns out, I hadn’t. Basically, I’d just ignored them for 5, 10, or more years. Those issues and wounds being left open to fester helped addiction work its way in. They are also a contributing factor as to how my addiction got in as deeply as it did. Once I started to deal with those old wounds, I started to see more reasons to get, and stay, sober.

Realizing Just How Many of My Old Wounds Were Still There

I had old wounds inside my heart from childhood that I hadn’t dealt with. Things like nicknames I was called that other people thought were jokes, still bothered me. Being abandoned by members of my family at an early age also left its mark. I thought that if I ignored these things long enough, they would go away. Turns out, I was wrong. That turned out to be a common thread during rehab – me being wrong.

I knew that some of the things I went through during high school and beyond still bugged me. It wasn’t until rehab that I realized how far back those issues went. What made it worse is that those issues had to come out. If I wanted to get past my old wounds, then I needed to recognize them. My counselors even told me they wanted me to come up with a list. That was a lot harder than I expected it to be.

Each Wound I Recognized Helped My Recovery

As I began recognizing those old wounds, recovery became easier. I could let go of things that were holding me back. It wasn’t until I actually started moving past those issues that I even saw I was being held back. Today, I am grateful those old wounds are gone. I also know how to recognize more as they come up, and how to manage them. Instead of ignoring them or pretending they don’t bother me, I need to tend to them. By acknowledging them, I can deal with them, and move forward. If it wasn’t for what therapy at luxury rehab taught me, I would still be behind those wounds. They would still hold me back. If you have things holding you back from the life you want, deal with them. That way, you have control over what your future holds.

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