Luxury Rehab Helped Me When I was Addicted to Heroin

When you think of heroin addicts, a successful business woman is probably not what pops into your head, but luxury rehab helped me to find my way back onto the right path. I never really thought that rehab was right for me. I’ll admit I was struck by the stereotypical type of people inhabiting rehab facilities and I thought it a highly unsavory place. My standards are quite high, I suppose. However, my addiction was close to losing me my job. My priorities were falling out of check and I needed to get back on track. I started looking into luxury rehabs, and working on improving myself before I lost everything that makes me, well, me.

Luxury Rehab Helped Me Find Myself

I found an exquisite rehab overlooking the sea and to be honest it didn’t feel like a rehab at all. I went for a short amount of time, and although I had taken off work, I was still able to do the little things that called my attention. My private room was gorgeous and almost had the air of a resort rather than rehabilitation. I talked to staff members about how I felt lost with my life. I knew what I wanted out of it, but I didn’t know how to get there. Although I love my job, I was worried it was triggering my drug use. The incredible caring people in luxury rehab helped me find myself, and to learn how to find my triggers and to avoid them. I learned how to better take care of myself and also how to spread that nurturing kindness to others.

Luxury Rehab was My Best Choice

It was challenging, but it didn’t seem so much like work at this rehab, it was relaxing and uplifting. I felt like I was on vacation but the outcome was so much better than I could have expected elsewhere. My life now, clean, is so much better. I am able to take care of myself and I have learned how to refrain from overworking. Work has been clearer, happier, and more productive than it has ever been. I am on such a better path now thanks to luxury rehab and the acceptance that it displayed toward me. Never have I ever made a better decision in my life. Since that time I met and married my husband and have had a baby girl. Now I am well on my way to making this world a better place by raising her right, and by bringing joy to others.

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