Going to Luxury Rehab Made Me Feel Important Enough to Help

Prior to going to luxury rehab, I did not think I was worth fixing. It wasn’t that anyone said I wasn’t worth it. It was just how I felt about myself. Addiction told me that I didn’t need to stop. My mind turned against what I wanted for myself. It kept telling me that I needed just one more hit. Even though I knew I wanted to stop, I couldn’t do it. I felt worthless in all facets of life. Then came luxury rehab, and for once, I felt like maybe there was a part of me worth saving.

I Credit Going to Luxury Rehab with Saving My Life

If I would not have gone to rehab, I don’t think I would have made it out of my addiction as unscathed as I did. I didn’t even want to go to rehab, quite honestly. The entire reason I went was to prove my uncle wrong. He was sure that rehab could help me, and I disagreed. However, I agreed to give it a shot just to make him realize how bad off I was.

Turns out, I was wrong about going to luxury rehab. The people there were so amazing. Each of them acted as though I was the only person they were worried about. Any time I needed anything, they were right there. They asked how I was doing. They also listened to my responses and paid attention. It was a really strange feeling. Even though I felt worthless, they helped me feel worthy. They helped me see that my life was worth saving.

My Life is So Much Better Since Going to Luxury Rehab

Since the day I left luxury rehab, I have been seeking out ways of thanking my uncle. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Somehow, he knew what I needed more than I did. He even footed the bill for me. I cannot tell you how indebted I feel. He has constantly told me that he doesn’t want repayment. Seeing me sober is thanks enough. However, it was far more than my life he saved.

Since going to luxury rehab, I am a new person. I have a great job, and feel much better about myself. Last year, I put enough money aside to help another person go through the same rehab I did. It was set up like a scholarship. If I cannot repay the man who paid for my trip, the least I can do is help another person have the same opportunity.

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