How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

How much does drug rehab cost? This is a question that keeps many people from avoiding getting the treatment they need. Addiction treatment costs change from one center to the next depending on a variety of factors. There are some free treatment programs and others costs much more. Whether you have a high or low budget, rehab programs are available to you to get the treatment you need. You can also get help paying for the best rehabs as they work with your insurance provider to leave you with little to no out of pocket expenses. This guide may help you get some direction on your rehab choice but the best way to find out how much does drug rehab cost, is to call the center you are interested in attending. From there a conversation can begin and you can utilize their free, no-obligation insurance verification process.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost If I Have Financial Assistance

Many rehab centers do accept various insurance plans, financial aid or have some financing programs. One common way to pay for treatment center costs is through your insurance plan. Insurance coverage varies based on what the insurance company covers and the type of insurance the rehab will accept. When calling the addiction treatment center, you can find out whether your insurance plan is accepted and how much out-of-pocket costs you would have to pay, if anything at all. Many people are able to attend rehab without paying for it. There are insurance types which are often covered including the following:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private insurance
  • State-funded health insurance
  • Military insurance
  • Government grants or scholarships

How much does drug rehab cost without insurance can be much higher.  One way to make sure rehab is paid for is by finding a low-income or free facilities. Since it isn’t exact, you could look for financing programs too. This is generally a better option since the free rehab facilities don’t have much funding and there may be wait lists or poor quality care. The finance programs may be available if you don’t have insurance coverage. Free treatment centers help those who desperately need it, however, the quality of treatment and high patient to therapist ratio can impeded on an individual’s likelihood to remain sober after rehab.

It might be nerve-wracking to add more debt to your life, but think of it as investing. Attending an addiction treatment facility can bring you many benefits. Being clean and sober can allow you to get your life back on track. You can regain your relationships in some aspect and get your career back in order as well. Additionally, those recovering from an addiction may be able to save money, since they aren’t putting any more money towards alcohol or drugs which tends to take up most of their income during active addiction.

Factors to Consider in Cost of Rehab

How much does drug rehab cost? Well that depends on the facility you attend and what insurance you have, but it also depends on other factors that we can break down for you here. Like anything else you get what you pay for when it comes to drug rehab.

  • Staff – Cost goes into paying the entire staff, from those who work the phones to the special instructors who hold therapy sessions.
  • Amenities – Luxury amenities are typically not covered by insurance, so if you are considering a rehab with luxury, know you may have to come out of pocket a little more for things such as massage, yoga instruction, Art4Healing Instructors, and even food quality.
  • Location – A Oceanfront property that provides a resort feel is going to cost more than an ex hotel turned treatment center.
  • Privacy and Attention – You may pay more if you want more attention and privacy. Some rehabs only have 5-10 clients at a time and others will have upwards to 80. The more privacy, the more cost of rehab.
  • Quality of Treatment – Paying for an experienced staff that will give you evidence-based treatment may cost more than a non-profit with fresh college grads.

Addiction Treatment and Detox Expenses

How much does drug rehab cost? Addiction treatment center care is a cost to pay for living a sober lifestyle. Some types of treatment are different for various addictions. In addition, there are certain factors which affect rehab costs, such as amenities and medical services. Individual rehab facilities have their own costs associated with each program, some offer luxury amenities that some insurances may not cover. Some examples of different rehab treatment programs include the following:

  • Detox: Many of the inpatient addiction treatment programs include detox. This is an essential part to recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction. There is not just one set cost for a detox program. The program cost may change depending on the severity of the addiction, whether any medications need to be administered, what type of substance abuse is being treated and some other factors. If someone had been abusing substances that have more dangerous side effects when detoxing, this would include more monitoring time from the staff, and more days in detox protocol. You can call the rehab center today to find out more about what costs might be associated with the detox program you need to attend.
  • Inpatient Addiction Rehab: The cost of inpatient rehab is generally quite a bit more than outpatient rehab. However, the cost to each patient may vary depending on whether they have insurance or other funding. In addition, it is important to realize there are different types of inpatient rehab. The length of stay in the inpatient rehab would vary the price associated with that program. The location, amenities offered and services included will vary that cost as well.
  • Outpatient Addiction Rehab: The cost will depend on what type of treatment you are getting. If you are receiving outpatient addiction treatment, this will usually be much less expensive than the inpatient addiction treatment programs. The costs associated with the outpatient program will vary based on how long you attend the program, how many times you go to the rehab center every week, what types of therapies you are receiving, where the facility is located and some other factors as well.
  • Medication: Some recovering addicts need to be given certain medications when they are receiving drug rehab services. The types of medications given, how much of each medication is given and how long they are given are all factors associated with the changing costs. Some recovering addicts won’t need any medication to help manage and treat their addiction.
  • Special Treatment – Dual diagnosis and holistic therapies at the rehab could up the costs as well. Some insurance companies will not cover massage, acupuncture and other holistic therapies that some rehabs offer. Other insurance companies will. It is important to understand what treatment you are receiving and just how much of the specialty treatments are covered by your insurance provider.

These are some of the reasons why there can’t be just one exact cost for addiction treatment. Every person is different when it comes to their rehab center and treatment needs. How much does drug rehab cost is a tough question to answer when considering these factors. If you are wondering how much your detoxing and rehab programs will cost, get a hold of the rehab center to find out more today.

Are alcohol and drugs ruining your life?


What Are The Costs Associated With An Addiction?

Over time, rehab will actually cost less than the substance abuse addiction and most importantly you will be much healthier. Drug and alcohol users also run the risk of missing out on work compared to those without an addiction. They may lose their jobs and have to find another one, in some cases time and time again. Legal issues, costs of the drugs, losing work productivity and health problems will cost quite a bit with time. Some alcoholics drink many beers a day and could easily spend thousands of dollars a year on their alcohol addiction. That cost isn’t even counting legal problems which may arise. Legal issues may cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. The cost of a drug addiction is even trickier to figure out, but it is usually much more than the alcohol addiction costs. Many former heroin addicts have spent tens of thousands on the drug addiction.

So when asking how much does drug rehab cost, consider the same question about your addiction. The costs of an alcohol or drug addiction are extensive, but getting treatment can reduce those costs in the long-term view. Addicts won’t generally think about the costs in their relationships or in a healthier lifestyle.

For anyone who has a drug or alcohol addiction, worry about how much does drug rehab cost should not be a top priority. The cost of drug rehab is a valid concern but you may be surprised how inexpensive is to get into treatment. Between insurance coverage, financial plans, programs that help with funding and other options, coverage is usually there for those who need it. 

When wondering how much does drug rehab cost it is always best to call and talk to the experts at the rehab you are interested. Most centers have a no-obligation insurance benefit check that will give you a great idea of what you are looking at spending.

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