Gaming Completely Took Over My Life

By December 7, 2017Gaming

The funny thing about my addiction is that it completely took over my life. I was a gamer, and my life was totally focused on the next big game. Originally, my goal was to become a professional gamer. I just took that a bit too seriously. My days were nothing but gaming. I didn’t remember to get up and stretch. Heck, I didn’t even remember to eat or drink. It became obvious that I needed help when I realized that it had been about two weeks since my last shower. My life was quickly going downhill.

My Addiction Completely Took Over My Life

For years, my family talked to me about getting a real job. They thought my dream of gaming for a living was nuts. I thought I could really do it. After all, I’d done beta for lots of games and gotten some really good feedback about my style. That is tops when it comes to gaming. However, when gaming completely took over my life, I didn’t notice. I didn’t see the trouble that came with it. I didn’t even see that it was making me literally sick.

Each day, I would strive to get to the next area, next level, or next upgrade. It didn’t matter what game I played. What mattered to me was playing. I thought I was going to have all this valuable insight when they came knocking. If that opportunity came knocking, I would have been too out of it to even notice. I didn’t see that at the time, but I do now. It took me going to rehab to be able to see that. Between not eating and drinking, I lost a ton of weight. I also started to suffer from severe malnutrition and dehydration. That’s how consumed I was.

Now, Getting Healthy Has Taken Over My Life

Once I got into a great rehab program, I was able to really see the damage I did. My body was a skeleton, and I didn’t even feel hunger pains anymore. The doctors worked with me to get me past being able to eat a tablespoon or two at a time. Today, I no longer game. I realized how dangerously connected I was to that life. Going back to it would be dangerous for me. I credit rehab for getting me past that time of my life. Without them, I likely would have died from all of the harm I caused myself.

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