Rehab is Not Shameful

By March 20, 2017Food for thought

There are so many different preconceived expectations about rehab, and in my experience at least, rehab is not what you would expect. If your only exposure has been through the media, there are a lot of things that you may believe about rehabs that simply don’t hold up, especially when it comes to luxury rehabs. I went to rehab at 23 for my cocaine addiction. It took me over a year to just get up the guts to go, though. I was raised in a very unorthodox family. While they are becoming more common now, this kind of family raised a lot of eyebrows back in my day. I grew up in an age of “none of my business” though, so no one said a word. Maybe if someone had said something to me, I wouldn’t have thought smoking, drinking, and drugs were normal and totally and completely acceptable.

Rehab is Not Acceptable, Some Say

When I told my family that I wanted to go get help, they laughed in my face. I was told that rehab was not acceptable, and that no one should be weak enough to need (or even want) help. They slammed me into the ground. It didn’t stop me from wanting a better life, though, than I could ever get living in a trailer in a slump in Tennessee. Even though I wanted it, though, I felt this overwhelming sense of shame and of being a disappointment. I happened to tell my best friend about all of this. I was drunk and she listened and I just cried and let it all out. She didn’t say a lot about it until she pulled me aside a week or so later. I had an option, should I decide to take it.

Escape Options Exist

There is a luxury rehab that she knew about, out in California. Her father had went there, and he had offered to pay for me to do the same. If he had not gone to rehab, he knew that he would not have gotten his life together. He is now a successful entrepreneur, but at one point he was just a kid from the slums. He wanted to help me the way his grandmother helped him. I accepted wholeheartedly and gratefully. I flew out to Cali that same week and I got my life together. It’s the only one I have, after all. Luxury rehab was vastly different than anything I had expected or dreamt of, and I loved the opportunity to better myself in such an elegant way.

I learned, there, that my family was wrong. Rehab is not shameful, it is not weak. It is a place of strength and community, and peace. I found myself there, and now I am doing well, if I do say so myself.

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