Understanding IV Drug Abuse Complications

By January 10, 2018Drug Addiction

Drug use may seem innocent but it’s actually a real problem. However, IV drug use isn’t only a problem. It’s one of the worst forms of drug abuse today. The key to this problem lies in understanding and addressing the IV drug abuse complications before they turn into a full-blown addiction.

The Various Drugs That Lead to IV Drug Abuse Complications

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can use any drug intravenously. This means that any drug can lead to IV drug abuse complications. However, the two most commonly abused IV drugs are heroin and meth.


Heroin is a dangerous drug to inject because it actually has bacteria in it. This is because it’s a man-made drug that’s produced in unsanitary conditions. On top of that, it’s also adulterated with things like talcum powder, milk, and sugar.

When the bacteria from heroin infects your heart’s lining, you can easily develop endocarditis. Additionally, you can also harm your liver by scarring it with cirrhosis or developing Hepatitis B or C. Once a user develops Hepatitis it can lead to serious complications, including cancer.

Heroin abuse also leads to overdose quite often. This is because nobody knows for sure just how potent the drug is before injecting it.


This is dangerous in a different way. When you inject meth it produces a systemic effect in your body. What this means is that a sudden surge of meth injected into your body causes a dramatic spike in your blood pressure. Oftentimes this causes a person to have either a stroke or a heart attack. People who have pre-existing problems with their heart or hypertension are more likely to experience these issues.

Additionally, meth addicts run the risk of developing abscesses and infections from injecting the drug. However, this doesn’t happen as often as it does when a person is addicted to heroin.

Major IV Drug Abuse Complications

Most IV drug abuse complications are due to unsanitary conditions. Some of the most serious complications you may deal with as a heroin or meth addict include:

  • Dirty paraphernalia, including syringes oftentimes lead to blood borne diseases and infections.
  • When bacteria exists, you’ll develop an abscess at the injection site.
  • Sepsis often occurs and without the immediate administration of IV antibiotics users can die.
  • Emergency amputation of limbs often occurs when injecting the drug causes circulation problems.

Knowing about these IV drug abuse complications should be enough to scare a person into not trying any of these drugs. If you’ve already used them, you should really think twice before using them again.