What Addicts Experience When Hitting Rock Bottom

By January 12, 2018Drug Addiction

Every addict is loved by someone. These loved ones naturally beg for them to stop their addiction. Unfortunately, if the person is over the age of 18, you can’t force them to accept help though. Instead you’re stuck waiting on them to proceed into hitting rock bottom.

Before you can understand how important rock bottom is, you must understand what this term means. Simply put, this is a point in an addict’s life when they’re finally willing to admit that they have a problem and seek help for it. While this is the beginning of a long journey, it’s one that will save their life.

Why Hitting Rock Bottom is Vital to Recovery for Some

As the loved ones of addicts, we want to be superheros. We see our loved ones as damsels in distress. All of this makes us feel like we need to swoop in and rescue them. This is the wrong mindset for us to take though.

Although it’s really painful to watch our loved one when they’re hitting rock bottom, you can’t control your loved one’s addiction. In fact, the best thing to do is wait for them to want to save themselves. This is a harsh reality for loved ones to face because it essentially renders them helpless for days, weeks, months, or years since it takes that long for most addicts to accept help.

This all happens for a reason though. It’s because recovery happens in steps. Sometimes these steps occur really far apart from one another. This is because once an addict notices they have a problem they’re not automatically ready to enter treatment. It may take years to get to this point in fact since building up will power to face reality is tough. Nobody can save an addict until they reach this point though.

What Happens When Hitting Rock Bottom Doesn’t Happen

Once an addict finally admits to hitting rock bottom and enters recovery, each day they must make the choice to remain sober. This is a decision they must make daily for the rest of their lives.

Honestly, hitting rock bottom isn’t a choice that we can ever make for someone. All we can do is encourage the addict in our life to save themselves. If they’re willing to do the work, they’ll enjoy leading a sober life once again.

The sad truth is not every family gets to enjoy seeing their loved one get sober again. Instead, they’re forced to plan a funeral before it’s time. Unfortunately, this is a choice the addict themselves has made.