Addiction in Professionals – How it’s Hidden

By March 12, 2018Drug Addiction

Many addicts do their best to hide their addiction. However, they’re typically not successful at doing so. This is especially true when they try to hide their addiction from their loved ones. Most of the time this is what happens with addiction in professionals.

How People “Hide” Addiction in Professionals

When working in the corporate world most addicts believe that secrecy is imperative. This is because they fear they’ll lose their job. As such, they’ll try various tactics to hide their problems. Some of the most common include:

  • Frequently staying late at work often masquerades as a cover-up for drug abuse. This gives a person a good reason to “hide” away from others and hide their habit too. As such, family and friends don’t find out.
  • Befriending “questionable” colleagues. Friends and family will later discover they’re also grappling with addiction. You may even see your loved one grow more self-confident in this person’s presence. This is because they aren’t being nagged, questioned, or judged by them.
  • They’ll often engage in the “blame game” where they blame others for their own addiction. This is because they don’t have a valid reason for what they’re doing. As such, they’re trying to find any excuse to cover their actions up. If this means saying it’s another person’s fault, that works for them. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s convenient.
  • Hiding finance-related information often occurs. This is because their finances are struggling. This happens because it’s difficult to bear an expensive addiction long-term. Other signs of inappropriate behavior are often found here. Examples include using their child’s college funds and working extra jobs. They may also hide their bonuses so they’re not questioned about them.
  • Taking more long-distance trips than usual is another sign. This could even be just to the other side of town.

How to Handle Addiction in Professionals

Addiction in professionals isn’t something that’s easily hidden. This is actually a good thing when you consider how much harm it can cause. Whether you suspect or know for a fact that it’s happening, you should try to get the person help.

This is a lifelong battle even when properly treated. When left untreated, addiction in professionals could lead to a person’s death. While it’s hard to stop someone from becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, there’s always help. You just need to know where to look so you can find it.

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