What Makes Luxury Rehab So Luxurious?

By December 5, 2017Detox

Addiction isn’t a vacation nor is detox. However, when you find a luxury rehab treatment facility you can make a major difference in their care and treatment. Unfortunately, this is sometimes an overwhelming process. This is because you want to find really good clinicians, a strong support system, and a comfortable environment. As you begin your search you’ll undoubtedly encounter words like holistic, 12-step model, luxury, and high-end.

The Environment in Luxury Rehab

Environment plays a really important role in your rehabilitation. This is why you must feel comfortable and safe there. You must also feel like the therapists, doctors, nurses and other staff members have your best interests in mind. Additionally, you’ll also want to find patients with whom you share common interests.

In luxury rehab, you’ll enjoy extensive amenities. This typically includes gourmet meals, time spent in their fitness centers, and group excursions. Extensive individual therapy is also offered. Many cutting-edge types of therapy are also used to help you through your journey. This includes things like art therapy, music therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and psychodrama sessions.

Funding for such therapies and amenities isn’t available at basic rehab centers. Many basic rehabs don’t even have enough funding for sufficient treatment. For this reason, they’re understaffed and lack comprehensive care. This is why many patients struggle to make progress in these rehab programs, but make great gains in luxury treatment centers.

The Process in Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab typically begins with detox, which means weaning you off of your drug of choice. Sometimes this means you completely stop taking the drug but at other times you’ll need to take a substitute medication as you detox. Either way, you’re given prescription medications to make you feel more comfortable throughout this time. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says these medications are safe when used to make the withdrawal process more manageable.

When you’re in a luxury treatment facility medical staff is available to supervise the detox process. As such, you’ll rest assured you’re safe, even if you experience withdrawal symptoms. This is something you should never try doing on your own without medical supervision.
Once you make it through the detox period at luxury rehab you’ll transition into the therapeutic part of the treatment program. This is when you address the issues that led to your addiction in the first place. It’s also when you’ll enjoy the various amenities and alternative treatments the facility offers.

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