Introducing You to Executive Drug Treatment Programs

Drugs don’t discriminate, only treatment facilities do. Australia recently conducted a “Social Determimants of Drug Use” research study. It showed that it doesn’t matter your age, gender, or socioeconomic background. Anyone can become an addict. However, to attend executive drug treatment programs you must be able to afford it. This is different from traditional rehab, which is typically covered by insurance.

Treatment Offered by Executive Drug Treatment Programs

Executive drug treatment programs offer residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services. These facilities offer:

  • Medical treatment starts with detox – possibly including maintenance medication treatment
  • Therapy – both individual and group modalities
  • Post-treatment support

These are the three modalities you definitely can’t afford to overlook. Other types of treatment are also available. However, these should be seen as an addition to these. Make sure you ask about what the treatment facility offers.

Amenities Offered by Executive Drug Treatment Programs

Most people with high-powered jobs can’t simply step away from them. They can’t afford to let their active drug addiction go untreated either. This is something that executive drug treatment programs. In fact, it’s why these rehab facilities exist. When attending these facilities you have the freedom to continue working. You can even see clients and travel for business if needed. As such, you can maintain work duties and relationships while getting the treatment you need.

This is only one of the many, important ways that executive and traditional treatment programs differ. Their amenities are also quite different. With an executive program your needs as a busy professional are addressed. This includes discussing the importance of your confidentiality throughout treatment. With this in mind, while in executive treatment you’ll typically receive:

  • Access to computers, phones, and private conference rooms
  • Fitness facilities – both indoor and outdoor
  • Healthy, gourmet meals catered to fit your specific dietary needs
  • Private rooms with comfortable furnishings
  • Support if you need to travel for business meetings while attending treatment

These luxurious amenities help create a more comfortable, spa-like atmosphere for you. Of course, the staff members’ seclusion and discretion also help. However, the goal of any treatment center is always to help you regain your sobriety. This starts with detox and works through treatment and life altering changes. These typically occur after you leave the walls of the executive drug treatment programs behind. Nevertheless, these things are important considerations in your recovery.

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