I Turned to the Pool at Luxury Rehab for So Many Different Reasons

The pool at luxury rehab was my favorite place to hang out. It was the one place you could find me the entire time I was there. I used it to bypass pain, and to process my thoughts. The water helped me feel better, and it helped me gently exercise. Each day, I would start my day off by walking around the pool at luxury rehab. It helped me feel like I was taking care of my body and my mind at the same time.

The Benefits I Got from the Pool at Luxury Rehab

The first thing I got from the pool at luxury rehab was pain relief. During my withdrawals and detox time, my entire body screamed in pain. Walking was so painful I tried not to. Crawling was worse, but I tried to do it to avoid walking. When I would get in the pool, my joints didn’t hurt. They got relief. I felt better, and the pain instantly went down. The relief it gave me was better than any anti-inflammatory I’d ever tried.

The next thing I got out of visiting the pool was clarity. I’m not talking about the water. Whatever we spoke about that day, or the day before, in therapy, I would go there to think about. I would process my thoughts and put them into practice in my mind. The more I worked through what we said, the more I retained. It was my own personal memory bank.

Moving my body around without hurting it more was another thing I got from visiting the pool at luxury rehab. I’d done a lot of damage to my body while using. There was no doubt that some of the things wrong with my body were not going to correct themselves any time soon. However, by moving around gently while in the water, it helped my body start to heal. It was not a fast thing, but it was an effective thing.

After Leaving Rehab, I Got My Own Pool

After I left luxury rehab, I remembered that pool for a long time. When I got around to buying my own house, I made sure the first addition I made was to add in a pool. Each time that I go into my pool, I feel just as I did walking around the other pool. It helps me feel clear and focused, and like anything is possible.  

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