Are You an Angry Drunk

Many people are common with the term angry drunk, but do you know if you fall into that category? If you feel like you are an angry drunk then you may be answering the question for yourself. Some people do get angry when they drink and are indeed labeled an angry drunk. In order to break that label rehab for alcohol may be needed. You can only say or do so many things while drunk until finally friendships or relationships are ruined. Nobody wants to remain around an angry drunk for years on in. If you are an angry drunk know that you are not alone.

Aggression is common in individuals who are likely to forget about the consequences of their actions, according to researchers. The researchers conducted a study that sorted 495 social drinkers into two groups to determine who was actually an angry drunk and who was not.

The first group consisted of individuals who did not think about the long-term effects of their actions more likely identified as an angry drunk. Researchers called the members of this group present-focused individuals. The second group consisted of individuals who thought about the long-term consequences of their actions. Researchers called the members of this group of future-focused individuals.

Psychology professor Brad Bushman said that researchers already knew that present-focused individuals were more disposed to aggressiveness. However, this research demonstrated that if you add alcohol to situations, the level of aggressiveness can significantly increase.

If you feel that you are at risk of becoming an angry drunk, there might be signs that you might need to find assistance at an alcohol rehab facility.

Sign No. 1: You Use Drinking as an Excuse for Your Anger

A common misconception about heavy drinking is that it always plays a part in cases of domestic violence.

One study claims that alcohol abuse might contribute to domestic abuse, but is not the sole cause of it. Researchers state that domestic abuse involves abusers trying to assert their control over others. They say that domestic abuse does not represent a total loss of control on the part of the abuser.

According to this study, people abuse others because of their personalities, not because of alcohol. Violence and drinking habits are merely parts of a bigger pattern of abuse and bigger patterns of personality.

Sign No. 2: You’re an Angry Drunk and Angry When Sober

This is an obvious sign to check. Drinking amplifies individuals’ personality tendencies. If people are already aggressive when they are sober, there is a good possibility that they are mean and angry drunks as well.

It might not be appropriate to generalize that people who are aggressive-meanwhile while sober are automatically mean and angry while drunk. It might be a good measure to determine whether people should drink with someone, or to decide if it is a good time to have a drink at all.

If you have difficulty dealing with anger in your day-to-day life, you might want to consider finding anger management counseling. During this counseling, it might be important to steer clear of drinking until you get your problems with anger under control. As mentioned above, alcohol can just aggravate the problem.

Sign No. 3: You Show Symptoms of Being a Dry Drunk

When you drink, your inhibitions are often lower. In some cases, lower inhibitions result in doing something one regrets later.

This is less harmless if you only end up sending mildly inappropriate text messages or saying a lot of cheesy things. However, if your actions skew in the direction of anger and violence, then your drunken behavior can be more dangerous. What happens if you display extreme behaviors without being drunk?

It could mean that you are a dry drunk. A dry drunk is a person who has given up alcohol or drugs but has not completed the psychological work needed to recover.

Being a dry drunk could mean that an individual makes poor decisions and acts out, even without drinking a single drop of alcohol or taking a single hit of a drug. The impulsive, livid, and violent natures of an angry drunk might arise, even without drinking or using drugs.

Beating alcoholism or drug addiction is more than staying away from the substances that got you hooked and addicted. It also includes changing your whole routine and building a life around soberness. Seeking help at an alcohol rehab can help with this rebuilding process.

Sign No. 4: You Have Difficulties Managing Your Temper

If you have had a bumpy bout of drinking that produced some negative results, you might be questioning yourself about your drinking patterns and you may indeed be an angry drunk. There is no shame in this, but it is important to notice your patterns and realize a change needs to be made.

You have probably thought about it earlier, but when the chance to drink arose, you may have made justifications for why drinking was acceptable at that time. You may have been confident that you would be able to control yourself.

Again, this control might be harder to find if you tend to focus more on the present. It might be harder to find if you tend to be angry and aggressive while you are sober. Being provoked while drinking can also contribute to a loss of temper and aggressive behavior. Learning about factors that trigger your anger (and your alcohol abuse) can be helpful way to manage your anger and your alcohol use.

Sign No. 5: You Don’t Express Your Feelings

While expressing violent and aggressive behaviors can lead to difficulties, not expressing ANY feelings can be just as dangerous. A study revealed that individuals’ propensity to become violent while under the influence of alcohol is more likely when they make a practice of suppressing their feelings.

The researchers found that among individuals most likely to suppress anger, a twelve percent surge in drunkenness was linked with a six percent rise in violence. Researchers did not find this connection in people who freely voiced their feelings of fury or frustration.

There is nothing wrong with being an angry drunk, it happens. However, if you continue to be an angry drunk without looking to make a change then you could be jeopardizing future relationships. People will only tolerate certain actions and comments for so long until you finally burn the bridge. If you need help, feel free to ask for it. Finding an alcohol rehab can help you take the first step toward recovery.

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