Stress Caused Me to Drink and I Regret That

By July 30, 2017alcohol

I can honestly say that stress caused me to drink. My life was always chaotic, and that mounting stress led me to want to escape everything. The drinking helped at first, or so I thought. What I didn’t see was the stress that the drinking was actually adding to my life. Looking back, I can clearly see how the stress compounded itself exponentially. At the time, it just seemed like each night I got the opportunity to escape my misery.

Discovering that Stress Caused Me to Drink

It was a very long time of drinking before I realized that stress caused me to drink. I honestly believed that I had total control over my drinking problem. After about four years of drinking, I got really sick. I went away for a weekend, and didn’t bring any booze with me. Let’s chalk it up to me thinking I could just have a weekend break. Well, that break led me to the hospital as my body shut down from a lack of alcohol. That’s when I realized that stress caused me to drink, and drinking controlled my life.

Getting Help Before Drinking Caused My Death

From that visit to the hospital, I made the active choice to seek out help. After speaking with a few friends and colleagues, they recommended a luxury rehab that wasn’t too far from where we lived. I called them and got started with the program about a week after I left the hospital. Luckily for me, my sister came to stay with me until the day I got started in the program. She’s a nurse with withdrawal training, so I knew I was in good hands.

From the day I started my recovery formally, I knew I made the right choice. It wasn’t a difficult choice for me to make, but it was hard life change for me. Getting help was easy, but applying the tools they offered was far more difficult. I struggled with some parts of the program, but the counselors helped keep me focused and on the right path. After about two months, I felt strong enough to start my new life at home. My sister also came to stay with me for another week when I went home. She helped me make sure that my house was empty of booze. Plus, she helped me apply the tools we learned in rehab. It made my transition to sobriety much easier on me.