My Grandmother Had a Stroke and That Led Me to Luxury Rehab

By June 16, 2017alcohol

I never would have guessed that a loved one getting sick would have led me to luxury rehab. However, that’s just what happened. My grandmother raised me. She was my world, when my world fell apart. When I was 8 year old, my parents split up, and I was forced to live with my mother. I’ll say, her and I never got along, so I stayed with my grandmother other than when I could see my dad. When she had a stroke, my addiction came to the forefront. She needed a caregiver, and I was in no position to be there for her.

Her Illness Led Me to Luxury Rehab

Once I heard she was going to need a long-term caregiver, I had a choice to make. That choice led me to luxury rehab. I was the only person she had that she truly trusted. I struggled with drinking, a lot, after the atrocities of my mother. The abuse I lived at her hands haunted me. However, the instant I knew my grandmother needed me, the choice became clear.

I went to luxury rehab because my grandmother told me whenever I was ready to stop drinking, the option was there. She paid for my stay in advance, knowing one day I’d go. I went and worked every single minute of their program. There was no chance I was willing to go home still struggling. I was going from irresponsible kid to focused adult during my stay at rehab, whether I liked it or not. She needed me, and I was going to be there. When I needed it most, she was there, so now it was my turn.

Grateful for My Time at Luxury Rehab

A month after her diagnosis led me to luxury rehab, she came home. I was able to be there for her. We got her back up to walking and talking on her own. She went from being nearly totally dependent on me, to being able to function on her own in most ways. While she wasn’t ever exactly the same, we got incredibly close during her rehabilitation. Two years after I got clean, she passed away. We had some amazing time together, and I’m grateful I remember it all. Booze didn’t hamper my ability to help her in her time of need. Plus, I was able to make her proud in the most important part of her life.