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Non 12-Step Rehab and Recovery Program at Monarch Shores

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the numerous rehab options that don’t seem to offer you the solution you’re looking for? Rest easy, because you are not alone. There are a number of people just like you who are searching for specialized treatment options to help them overcome substance abuse. For some, the traditional 12-step treatment program can work wonders, but what if you don’t agree with that treatment approach? Luckily, Monarch Shores offers other non 12-step recovery programs that are just as successful.

Signs of Addiction: Do I Really Need a Non 12-Step Rehab?

If you find yourself asking this question, you are clearly thinking about getting help with alcohol or drug abuse from an outside source. This is nothing to be ashamed of, since asking for help with your addiction is a brave thing to do.

If you are not sure you need help, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Has my substance abuse affected my work or school performance?
  • Have I changed my friends since I started to abuse substances?
  • Am I losing interest in things I was once very passionate about?
  • Am I spending more money to feed my addiction?
  • Have I damaged relationships because of substance abuse?
  • Am I panicked or worried when I am running low on the substances I prefer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have developed a substance abuse problem. That is okay, there are millions of others like you who have become addicted to substances. The best thing to do is see what actions you can take to fix this. Monarch Shores offers inpatient addiction treatment to help move past this dark period. Consider some of the many treatment options available to you.

What Is Different about Nontraditional Treatment?

There two very important differences between traditional 12-step treatment and alternative addiction treatment. The first is how addiction is viewed by those who have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol. According to the traditional approach, your addiction in its entirety is the root of your problem; in other words, “it just happened,” and your problem stems solely from one poor decision and the effects of substances you’ve abused.

However, the alternative treatment approach helps you acknowledge your addiction, and also helps you take ownership of your actions. This means such treatment can help you understand that there is something internal driving you to abuse drugs and alcohol outside of the addictive properties in those substances. By taking this approach, you’re able to better understand why you drink or why you feel the need to do drugs in the first place. For some, this can lead to more effective treatment,  since you’re able to pinpoint exactly the root of your addiction and work towards fixing that aspect of your life.

A Difference in Motivation

Another key difference between traditional and non 12-step alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs relates to the motivations for the participants. The traditional 12-step approach encourages clients to acknowledge a higher power, like God, or some other spiritual force or entity that suits their needs. By acknowledging this, clients are able to admit to their inability to control their addictions, and they turn to their higher power for strength to abstain from drugs and alcohol. This approach has benefited a number of people through the years, but that doesn’t mean the approach is for everyone.

Non 12 Step Recovery Program

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Non Traditional Motivation

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While the traditional approach does highlight the importance of coming to grips with your addiction, it does lack in the personal accountability. The truth is, not everyone is able to believe or surrender to a higher power. So, what does that mean for you? It means that you need the type of treatment that will empower you to believe that you can change your situation with hard work. That means doing the following:

  • Providing your own motivation: We all have things and goals that motivate us. This can be things like being healthy again, finding a quality job, repairing a broken relationship, or other goals.
  • Accepting changes in your life and habits: Acknowledging you have a problem can’t be enough for many people. For some, there needs to a visible change to how they live everyday.
  • Engaging in support groups: People cannot overcome addiction by themselves. That is why it’s important to find mentors and people who will hold you accountable for your sobriety.

For some people, an additional push is needed to help them realize that they can live without drugs or alcohol. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but taking more ownership in treatment is necessary for those who want to enjoy a life of sobriety.

Non 12-Step Addiction Treatment Options

The study of addiction and success rates have been studied for a long time, yet there is still no clear proof to which treatments for substance abuse work best. Everyone is different, and what works for some may not work for others. Other factors go into determining the success of a non 12-step rehab, such as the desire to stop using, the honesty of those in recovery, and other unforeseen factors, which all make it difficult to determine an accurate success rate.

Here are some approaches to addiction treatment for you to consider:

  • Holistic Treatment – Focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit of the addict. Holistic treatment aims to heal all three, and remove the addict’s desire to use. The addict learns new, healthy ways to deal with stress and takes these new tools with him or her after rehab.
  • Group Therapy – Addicts meet and discuss topics related to addiction and recovery. Group therapy is a very popular and effective addiction treatment approach. Group therapy also includes sobriety education and includes the expertise of experienced drug and alcohol counselors.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This popular approach for drug addiction treatment was developed as a method for relapse prevention. The main goals behind CBT is to teach the patient self-control as well as positive coping strategies.
  • Education/Lectures – One of the best treatments for addiction is making individuals aware of personal triggers and cravings and teaching them coping skills. When people are more aware of addiction and personal issues that have led them to use, they will be better prepared for recovery.
  • Individual Counseling – Private counseling to discuss your personal matters. Discussing these topics often helps the patient move on from addiction and negative emotions.
Sobriety with Non 12 Step Recovery Program

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Why Choose a Non 12-Step Recovery Program?

At the core of it, both traditional and nontraditional treatment options are quality approaches to overcoming substance abuse and embracing sobriety. The real question comes to knowing what is best for you on a personal level. If you’re someone who is looking to grab your treatment by the horns and be self-motivated, then a nontraditional recovery program is what you need. And we at Monarch Shores will be here to empower you so that you can begin to live a life of sobriety.

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