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Dual Diagnosis Treatment from Monarch Shores

Sometimes your addiction is not the problem. It is the symptom of an even bigger problem that requires specialized form of rehabilitation treatment called dual-diagnosis treatment.

Any psychological and emotional issue you face along with addiction is called a co-occurring disorder. If not addressed during your rehabilitation, these disorders can make recovery almost impossible. To properly treat clients with co-occurring disorder, treatment centers must have qualified doctors and psychiatrists on staff. At Monarch Shores, our medically-supervised dual diagnosis treatment program addresses your disorder and your addiction. We meet all your recovery needs at our luxury rehab facility in Southern California.

Some of the most common co-occurring disorders we encounter at Monarch Shores include:

Also known as manic-depressive disorder, the condition is characterized by an alternating pattern of emotional highs (mania) and lows (depression). Intensity can vary from mild to severe. Learn More

This mood disorder causes feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration that interfere with everyday life. Depression is subdivided into three categories: Major, Chronic, and Bipolar. Learn More

This mood disorder is marked by frequent, extended, and intense periods of worry, nervousness, fear or dread. It can be debilitating. Learn More

People with OCD become obsessed with unwanted thoughts and impulses to perform repetitive and ritualistic behaviors. Learn More

This condition affects those who experience or witness occurrences that cause or threaten physical harm. Symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, and exaggerated reactions to reminders of the event. Learn More

What is Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis recovery combines the most effective elements of mental health care with substance abuse treatment. We use this approach to help clients with co-occurring conditions who also struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. We understand the importance of addressing both your addiction and co-occurring disorder together in the rehab setting.

If you are in need of a dual diagnosis treatment center but don’t receive the proper care, problems are likely to arise, including:

  • Very Quick Relapse: Since the underlying cause of your addiction is not treated, you risk relapse upon release. When your leave treatment, your depression, bipolar, anxiety, or other mental disorder still exists. This can cause you to begin the process of self-medication with drugs or alcohol.
  • High Probability of Leaving Treatment Early: When you undergo detox from drugs or alcohol, your underlying issues remain. If left untreated, your mental and emotional strain can be too much to take. You might simply check out of rehab so you can have a drink or get high to alleviate stress.
  • Inability to Assimilate into a Group: Treatment centers offer group therapy. This allows you to enjoy a feeling of community, which provide a high success rate for overcoming addiction. If you have an untreated mental illness, you might find it difficult to become part of the group or community.

Components of Treatment

Our dual-diagnosis treatment is an integrative program that utilizes six components in synergy. This multidisciplinary approach helps you work through the process of your treatment and provides you with a plan to remain sober after you leave.

The components of our dual-diagnosis treatment are:

Dual Diagnosis Education

The more you understand your disorder, the better you manage it in recovery. Individual sessions with clinical staff support, group lecture, and reading material provide you with a full understanding of the nature and impact of your co-occurring disorder. You leave Monarch Shores better prepared to seek out a support system, follow up with your necessary provider, manage your medication, and utilize appropriate responses to everyday stressors.

Medication Management

We provide an initial psychiatric evaluation and ongoing reassessments during your stay. We also design an individualized treatment plan is designed with the option for medication management or natural methods. We also provide education and support for each new medication we administer. We share the rationale for use, as well as side effects, expectations, and alternatives. The desired outcome is for you to maintain a healthy, long-term emotional, mental, and physical balance.

Family Group Meetings with Clinical Staff

Monarch Shores provides you the opportunity to meet with your family and our staff to discuss your condition. This helps educate your loved ones and arranges your aftercare plan.

Holistic Therapies

We incorporate a variety of non-traditional remedies that includes acupuncture, massage, yoga, physical fitness and personal training. We also offer nutritional counseling, education on relaxation techniques, and meditation.

Therapy Groups

Our clinical team provides daily group and individual sessions several times each week. This helps you process emotions, concerns, and fears. We also conduct a weekly evaluation of your progress to determine if further care is needed.

Relapse Prevention

We provide this ongoing educational modality with your discharge plan. It begins on your first day and includes continual evaluation and preparation.

Monarch Shores: Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Southern California

At Monarch Shores we can ensure that you or your loved one gets the required care to deal with all existing issues. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the most appropriate addiction treatment plan to address any underlying issues you might have. Our goal is to help you enjoy a lifetime of happiness and sobriety. Monarch Shores is located in Dana Point, California. Located about an hour from Los Angeles and San Diego, our luxury rehab facility offers an amazing view of the beautiful and scenic Pacific Ocean.

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