Group Therapy Helped Me Find Sobriety

A huge benefit that I never expected from a luxury rehab was group therapy. I always saw AA meetings or other kinds of group therapy as corny and unnecessary. However, actually taking a part in them made a huge impact. When I was 13, I started drinking. It was an escape to a not-so-hot home life where Mom was never home and Dad was always cheating. Typical white, upper-class, stereotypical suburban family. I was just the rebellious teen, and I fit the role nicely. Problem is, that little issue of mine never passed. I stayed “rebellious” until I was 22. That’s when I realized I might actually have a problem.

Group Therapy Strengthened Me

When I started going to meetings in my rehab, I realized that I was not alone. This feeling was not unique to me, and I wasn’t wrong for feeling how I did. This applied to my life, my addiction, and my recovery too. Besides that, I not only met people with whom I could relate, but also formed relationships as well. There are at least a dozen people from that luxury rehab and from that group specifically that I still associated with and consider my friends today. We learned to support not only ourselves, but to work alongside others and provide shoulders for them as well. It is easier to work on your own recovery if you know that there are people that have your back too, and group therapy provided that air of community that I needed.

During and After Rehab, I Continued Group Therapy

I did not stop therapy after I left rehab. I actually joined my local Alcoholics Anonymous and started making a difference there for me and my community as well. Becoming a sponsor not only gave me the chance to help others, but it gave me a new motivation to continue my recovery. I went to a luxury rehab for my recovery, and it was a gorgeous setting to discover the new me I am forever grateful I had the chance to go. The therapy I underwent there, though, is what truly inspired me to be my best self. It gave me a community I could finally relate to, and one that strengthened me. I didn’t feel alone, nor did I feel different. In what ways I was different, it didn’t feel like such a bad thing. I hope everyone finds this sense of community someday.

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