How Drug Rehab Facilities Help

Seeking help from others who have been in your shoes can help you gain perspective and develop a plan to stay sober. The best rehab centers in California have medical professionals to help you detox from drugs while keeping you as safe and comfortable as possible during this time. Drug rehab facilities have other patients who are also going through treatment, speaking with them can help you accept your addiction as you will hear similar stories from people who have been in your shoes. This shared experience of group therapy helps addicts get over feelings of shame, guilt, and remorse. The top drug rehab centers will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to stay sober upon leaving the facility.

Do You Need Drug Rehab in California?

You might think that you can use drugs occasionally as a recreational pastime. There are signs of addiction that could help you determine whether or not you or a loved one needs addiction treatment.

  • Are you damaging your relationships, job, schoolwork, or hobbies because of drug use?
  • Are you spending a lot of time thinking about drugs, using drugs, or suffering from the effects of drugs (or withdrawal from drugs)?
  • Has drug use created any medical or legal problems?
  • Do you continue to take drugs, despite protests from your loved ones?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from our drug rehab facilities. Even if you are not in California, it could be beneficial to remove yourself from your surroundings during treatment so you can take the time to focus on yourself and your treatment with no outside distractions.

How to Know if You’re Getting Effective Drug Treatment?

One of the best of things about getting treated for drug abuse at Monarch Shores is our ability to create custom addiction treatment plans for our clients. We do this by closely examining your history of drug use, your current health, and by listening to your personal treatment preferences. By doing this, our counselors have a better idea of what treatments are best to lead you towards sobriety.

Patients can determine what kind of treatments they want to include in their rehab. The variety of options makes it easy to find an effective treatment for each unique patient. If people are more comfortable with their treatment, they are more likely to participate, engage, and follow suggestions during and after rehab.

What to Expect at Our Drug Rehab Facilities?

The best drug rehab centers in California follow a similar format:

  • Intake: During this stage, professionals examine patients, discuss their addictions, and develop treatment plans. At this stage, it is important that you are completely honest about your drug use.
  • Detox: This is a medical procedure that flushes drugs from the body. Professionals work with patients throughout this process to make withdrawal symptoms as minimal as possible.
  • Treatment: Therapy will vary depending on the patient. It can involve medical procedures, holistic therapies, 12 step work, faith-based treatment and more.
  • Aftercare: This extends treatment beyond rehab. Usually held in a group setting meeting multiple times a week to continue their addiction education and skill building. Typically through a halfway house or outpatient facility.

The Best Rehab Centers in California Will Develop an Aftercare Plan

Effective drug rehab treatment provides aftercare to help patients live sober lives upon completing their treatment. If people leave rehab but do the same things that they did before, they might find it hard to keep their hard-won sobriety.

The top drug treatment centers help patients establish new social groups. This is important if they no longer spend time with drug-using friends. Rehab centers can also help people with a drug addiction continue treatment after leaving rehab by connecting them to 12-Step programs or different forms of sober support groups.

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How Do Families Relate to Drug Rehab in California?

Friends and relatives can be a crucial part of the long-term treatment process. They can stage interventions to discuss their loved ones’ substance abuse. Interventions could lead to treatment at drug rehab centers in California.

Once in rehab, patients often stay in contact with their friends and family. These messages and visits can help establish or re-establish vital relationships. Family support groups are also available to family members who want to put their family member in the best position to stay sober when they get back from rehab. Our drug rehab facilities allow the family to meet with patients while in treatment.

How Can People Fix the Relationships in Their Lives after Abusing Drugs?

Former drug users might have connections to friends and family members, but the connections could be damaged. Drug abuse can change people. Relatives and friends might feel as if the drug users had stronger relationships with drugs than with actual people. Drug users and their loved ones could have lingering emotions related to the substance abuse. Or relatives could have grown tired from helping the drug users and seeing them hurt themselves.

Former drug users need to consider those perspectives. They need to see that their drug abuse affected more than just them. Listening to other people is a good way they can communicate with their families.

What Happens After People Relapse?

Even after pursuing treatment, sometimes people relapse. While relapses are upsetting, they are not final. It is important to keep trying.

Sometimes people relapse because they did not receive the right type of care. Professionals at drug rehab centers work with patients to create targeted care to address particular situations. Professionals could discuss the patients’ unsuccessful substance abuse care and use this knowledge to try different treatments.

How Can People Stay Sober after Drug Rehab in California?

Specialized drug rehab in California can also help people after rehab. The treatment might include therapy that helps people discover their triggers. Triggers are factors that could prompt people to use drugs.

Drug rehab centers could give people strategies for avoiding triggers, such as avoiding their drug-using friends or participating in drug-free activities.

You Can Beat Drug Addiction!

Battling drug abuse is hard. Finding good drug rehab centers in California is easy. Calling Monarch Shores can help you address your drug abuse and give you the tools you need to find sobriety.

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