Take the Time to Change Your Diet While at Rehab

By April 19, 2017Dining

If you learn how to change your diet while attending rehab, it can inspire you to remain sober. This simple change can prevent relapse. Your diet was not likely very good prior to heading to rehab. It probably consisted of eating relatively irregularly. Plus, it was probably eating whatever was around, not making healthy meals. By trying to change your diet at rehab, you can fix some of the damage you did during that time. It just takes a bit of consistent effort.

How to Start to Change Your Diet at Rehab

Nearly all luxury rehabs offer nutritional therapy while you are there. This means they teach you what foods to eat, and what you shouldn’t put in your body. Each of the foods they recommend has a specific nutritional benefit. They will explain what benefit you get from those foods, and how your body would respond. The more information you have, the more likely you are to eat those foods.

When you change your diet while still attending rehab, you help your long-term recovery. The better you take care of your body from the beginning of your recovery, the less likely you are to revert to old habits when you go home. Consider the idea of putting your body on a pedestal. You are filling your body with healthy items. The fuller it gets with good foods, the less room there is for anything bad. Plus, the more effort you put towards making yourself healthy, the less likely you are to give in and do something unhealthy down the line.

Ways to Easily Change Your Diet

Start off simply when you want to change your diet. Consider flipping unhealthy foods for their healthy alternatives. Soda and sports drinks can be swapped out for fruit and vegetable juices and water. This helps give your body fiber and nutrients, plus keep you hydrated. Change out fast foods at a drive-thru for quick meals you can make at home.

At rehab, you have the opportunity to try a wide range of new foods. Track which ones of them you like, and which don’t please your palate. Use the ones you do like when you go home, and give yourself the nutritional benefits that come with those foods. You have to pay for the food at luxury rehab when you go anyway, so you may as well make the most of your time there and enjoy the largest variety of food possible!

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